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  1. We're setting up a system with I-Techs and Soundweb London, using the I-Tech DSP for crossovers and the Soundweb as as system matrix and EQ. We're planning to go digital all the way, starting with AES/EBU output from a Vi6, with digital cards in the soundweb and using the AES/EBU inputs on the I-Techs. I've understood that the soundweb can clock to the incoming AES/EBU and bypass the sample rate convertion, and they recommend if possible to do so to manintain the highest possible audio quality. Likewise with the outputs, they can also bypass the sample rate convertion. Question: Is it possible to bypass the sample rate convertion in the I-Tech AES/EBU input, and lock the clock to the incoming signal? Does it represent a recuction in the audio quality (purely theoretical I mean) to use sample rate convertion?