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  1. Without voiding the warranty? Doubtful. I mean by software, like xti.
  2. The new ma5000i uses class-i circuitry and it seems a simplified version of I tech series. So i want to buy one for my home system. But i heard that the I tech has noisy fan, does ma5000i also have noisy fan? It's possible to change the temperature threshhold of the fan?
  3. You mean k2 is better? So, maybe i can try the new ma 5000i , which is a class-i amp and without a DSP.
  4. Really? CTs1200 and K2 which sounds better? what is the difference of their sound? Because K2 was discontinued, I buy CTs1200 just because i want to have a amp as good as K2.
  5. Very useful information, thank you Frank!
  6. I think xti will sounds even better if bypass (not shut off) the DSP and the A/D D/A. Is that possible ?
  7. Thank you, then i ll go on waiting.
  8. I wait already 10 days, but nobody answer.
  9. I want to buy a CTs1200 to power my JBL LSR6332 studio monitor, i have few quections, 1. Is the fan noisy in home use? I know CTs1200 is AB+B topology and may produce much heat. 2. What is the peak output current of CTs1200, 25A? 3. Because the power output of CTs1200 is only 250w at 2ohm, is it suitable to drive LSR6332 ? although LSR6332 has a nominal impedance of 4ohm but the lowest impedance may be down to 2.5ohm. 4. If the output devices becomes hot, would the amp automatically shutdown or attenuate the input? Thank you very much!
  10. Ok. that's enough for me. Thanks.
  11. What is the dual feed back loop for? Minimizing the distortion ? or Improve the damping factor?
  12. very useful information. thanks!
  13. I study the schimatic diagrams of the studio reference and the macro tech. They seem quite similar. But why they sounds so different? Because of the different quality of the materials (R, C, IC,...)?
  14. Xti2000 or Xti4000 ?

    Yes, the xti is not good amp for the 6332. But there seem no good amp in the present crown amps. Crown just discontiued the K series, which is really a good match for the 6332. Thank you for your information, I can contact the local dealer to get more info. of ct3000.