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    As of my last IT 6000 is still making the hissing and popping sounds, now I am having a problem connecting to all amps. I cannot connect to all 10 through the network, and I cannot connect to a single amp. Thru the IQwic Utilities program, it does not recognize the IP address I have set( or the subnet mask( Everytime I try to change it, close the program and re-open it, it doesnt take the change. When I run the network wizard, it doesnt see a DHCP server. What can I do to fix it? What am I missing?

    So I have checked that all is wired correctly, and fired up the amps and within 2 minutes the hissing and crackling began. I am trying to hookup my IQwic network and none of the amps are showing up...all settings correct and double checked. There is a yellow led flashing abnormally faster on one amp than my other amps next to the RJ45 connector(the Link/Act LED), and I think this is the same amp giving me problems. Should I kick it?

    the hissing is coming out of the speakers (VerTec 4889's) but being generated by the amp. I wasnt the one hired to wire the system, but i will check on this first thing tomorrow. thanks

    I am having a problem with my I-tech's. I hear some hissing distortion and then a loud pop...After the pop I hear nothing...Then a few minutes later it will start again...The cycle lasts for about 20-30 seconds....I just had an amp sent back for the same problem about 2 weeks ago, and today on a different amp, different channel the same thing again. Unfortunately, however much I love the amps, this would be the 3rd amp to fail since they were installed 2 months ago. The first amp to go made a rhythmatic chirping sound...sounded like a bird, it was peaceful. Is this something that I can fix, or should i send this one in too?
  5. Hello, I have just finished installing a rig at a theatre (12 VerTec 4889 and 4 4880 Subs)...there are 6 4889 and 2 4880 flown per side, each side is powered by ITECH 6000 HF top3 and bottom3 ITECH 6000 MF top and bottom ITECH 8000 LF Top ITECH 6000 LF bottom ITECH 8000 VLF All in all there are a total of 10 ITECH's the 6 boxes just doesnt quite cover the room so the owners are looking to buy one more 4889 per side. I know the amps can handle having (4) 4889's on them, but in this use the ohm load on each HF and MF amp channel will be unbalanced, 3 boxes on ch 1 and 4 boxes on ch 2. How well can the amps handle this...if at all. The ultimate goal will be to have (8) 4889's per side, budget only gets us this for now.