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  1. I have not yet updated an XTI 2000 for S.A. 1.20 yet. I see that ver. 1.30 is released. My question is : Should I update the firmware in ver. 1.20 before I upgrade to Ver. 1.30 or will it matter. Also I have a XTI 4000 returning from the factory and was told the firmware would be updated after repair.
  2. XTI 's with XLA932 and SRX 718 subs

    Your assumption is correct they are the VRX932 LA. We are planning to pick up another XTI 4000 for the subs. Thanks
  3. Have recently purchased a pair of VRX 932's , SRX 718 subs one XTI 4000 and one XTI 2000. also have other 2400 watt (bridged) power amp. Have been using the 4000 bridged for the XLA's the 2400 for the SRX 718's and the 2000 running jbl moniters. We do many outdoor functions and the system sounds great. Just wanted to make sure I have the best amp to speaker matchup possible. I know I need to beef up the power on the subs and will do so soon. Any and all opinions appreciated.