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  1. bridging XLS 602?

    Nevermind I found it finally.
  2. I wont to make sure I'm doing this right before I do it. I understand the whole cable thing of wiring ch 2 in reverse if ch 1. But I could have sworn somewhere I read that you set the gain on ch 1 at full & ch 2 at 0. Is this right or not because I'm not seeing it again in the instructions. Also is this safe in a 4ohm load on this amp. It will be feeding my IB sub set up in my home theater system & right now it runs of just one side of one of my 602's. I don't really need the extra power but I just wont the extra headroom for loud transits & peaks. I'm driving 6 15" DVC drivers but being in an IB configuration makes for a very efficient easy load to drive. Anyone curious about to see what I'm talking about can have a look at my homepage. Thanks for any help... Joe
  3. Just wonted to drop in & say thanks to the guys & Gals with the customer service there in Elkhart. I had one of my XLS 602's quit after about 6 months of use. Gave Crown a call & talked to Kelly Everett, who was very nice to deal with & very helpful. She emailed me the print out to be able to send my amp to them so I didn't get charged for the shipping. I called about once a week to keep up on anything & even with me bugging them remained very friendly & helpful. I was a bit worried they would decline to fix it because I had replaced the fans for something a bit quieter because I use these amps in my hometheater. But no fuss was made about anything. Anyway I got my amp back today & its working perfect once again, & I couldn't be happier. So I just wonted to say my Thanks. It's getting to be a world where good customer service is a hard thing to find, as well as someone who stands behind their products like Crown. And there & to few people who are willing to point out when someone dose a great job. My hats off to your exceptional service & Professionalism. Thanks again guys, keep up your great work.... Joe
  4. XLS 602 stopped working?

    Thanks, I did fill out the SRA sunday, & shipped it off for service today. I was hoping for a simple solution, as it is used in my home theater system & is used almost daily. I can go without it being that I still have another 602 & a 402, but I just don't like being without one of my toys How long dose it normally take for a turn around on most service items? I know I can expect some delay with Thanksgiving this week, I'm just hoping to not be out for too long. Thanks again...
  5. I need some help here as the title says I have a XLS 602 that just quit for no apparent reason. I've had the amp now for about 6months without ever having any problems & today when I turned it on I got nothing. I am useing the amp in my home theater set up with one side powering my center channel & the other powering my IB (sub system). The load on each channel is 4.8ohms on the center & 4ohms on the sub side. I also have another 602 & a 402 being used for my mains & surround channels that have no problems yet driving similar loads. I have tryed everything I can to make sure it wasent a connection that had went bad & still nothing. I swapped cables, speaker wires, speakers, power cords outlets & so on. I'm not getting any fault light or anything out of the ordanary just not any sound. I did notice however that if I turn the gain on my pre amp all the way up that you can just barley start to hear something coming through but it other wise will not play. Is there anyone who can shed some light on this matter. As of now it looks like Im going to have to send it in to be serviced, but would like to avoid that if I can. This has been the only problem I have ever had with any of these amps & would like to keep the down time as short as possable. Thanks for any help.... Joe