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  1. it will be of great help if you could try out the anywhere usb along with the itech on a switch and let me know if they can be controlled as this will make my life easier as to buying the right products, i had thought of purchasing the Netgear 108mbps router and maybe add a powered 16 port switch to it and then direct connect the itechs to the 16 port switch along with having a connection of the anywhere usb,,,,,,,, please do let me know if this configuration works well since i can then get the enitre system talking wirelessly to system architect including the driverack and the amps.......... regards Royston
  2. well have decided on the following, for our rental setup mainly consisting of JBL SRX700 series and VRX900 Series speakers. 6 nos of Crown Itech 6000 4nos of Crown Itech 4000 4nos of Crown Itech 8000 8-10 nos of Crown XTi 4000 1-2nos. DBX Driverack 4800 we need to wireless control all of the following with Hiqnet from a Tablet PC please suggest all that is necessary. including the best Router and the possible accesories, any help will be much appreciated. Regards Royston