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  1. We have one XS1200 running 2 EAW SB528z's (2 18's per box) in stereo. They are obviously underpowered and I have recommended our facility get another XS1200 and run each one bridged going to one SB528 each. Someone has recommended (to save money), to run our current XS1200 bridged to one speaker and daisy chain to the other. I know this will drop the impedence down. Will this cause a problem for the amp? Also, will each box be getting the 3000watts or will they be sharing the power, thus 1500watts per box (and still underpowered)? What are the pros (if any) and the cons? I'm trying to come up with ammo/info for a discussion that will likely ensue at our facility about what is the best way to fix our under powered problem for the least amount of money. Thanks for the help, Brian
  2. Bud, Just one of the CE's pop. We turn on the DM2000 first, then the RANE processor, then each amp one at a time. We don't turn the channel gains down before turning on the amps. I'll try that next time. I just have to remember where they were since we're not running them at full (another project to fix). Thanks for the help, Brian
  3. Bud, Thanks for the input. We originally had 2 LA328's but moved to a bigger location and needed another speaker for a center seating section and overall wider seating area. It sounds pretty obvious we need another amp. If we got another XS1200 to match our other one, would you recommend to bridge the XS1200's and put them on the subs or bridge the CE4000's and put them on the subs? The XS1200's are slightly stronger than the CE's when bridged, but the CE's have better damping. Also, I read that you run each speaker in the cab to the amp and parallel at the amp instead of just one wire to the cab. Does that improve the sound much? You're right! It's a kickin sound system for a church (even with underpowered subs) We also have a XS700 running 4 delay speakers. All the amps are fed into a Rane 26z delay processor. Mixing is done with a Yamaha DM2000 mixing console. Our current sound system is sort of temporary. Within a year or two the entire building is being redesigned with a completely new sound system starting from scratch. Until then we need to make the best with what we got with minimal new equipment until the buildout. Thanks for the help. Brian
  4. Almost everytime I power up the CE4000 the speakers pop once. Any ideas what might be causing this? It doesn't happen all the time but most of the time. All inputs to the amp are muted. Thanks, Brian
  5. Here's our setup (a church): 3 EAW LA325 speakers for front of house sound 2 EAW SB528z subs (2 18's per box) We have 2 CE4000's running the LA325's (one left over channel not being used) We have 1 XS1200 running the subs All amps running through a Rain processor Here's my questions: We have had this system selected and installed by a professional sound company. Recently someone from the tech team suggested we should be runnning a CE4000 for the subs instead of the XS1200. Any opinions on this? Is a XS1200 enough power for the EAW SB528z's? Or should we run the LA325's with the XS1200 and use a CE4000 for the subs? Thanks for the input, Brian