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  1. I went back to RTFM.....(read the ... manual) The spec says 2" on each side of the amp. The amp is mounted in a 4U SKB Standard case. Side clearance is about a finger - or 1/2" or less. Um - there's my problem. It looks like its time to get a 20" roto shock mount SKB (the standard shock cases dont come in a 4U configuration) OR an SKB Roto Roller (6U) [assuming that there are rear rails in the Roto Roller case]
  2. I have a Powerbase2 and a Powerbase3 amp which I use to drive Bose 802 series II speakers as part of a mobile DJ setup. These days I usually use the PB3 to drive either a single pair of 802s (8 ohms) or a double stack of 802s (4 ohms). I have noticed that as the gig drags on and on (i.e. hour 4 - 5 - onwards) the sound gets more "ragged". I presume that this is the ODEP circuit clamping down on things? At the last gig one channel of the PB3 actually "shut down" at around 3am (we were running pretty much full blast since 11am) and we ended up mixing the stereo to mono and running on one side of the amp. I assumed that the channel was blown, but I pulled the cover and there was nothing obviously flamed through so I blew out the dust and cleaned the filter and powered it up and violia - it worked fine. Is this normal behavior?