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  1. Hey, anyone out there have 3-phase hook-up advice? So, I have a couple amp racks, each with a 3-phase power distro and 3 XTi or 3 iTech amps. The power distro breaks down the legs into 3, 120V circuits (common neutral). Each amp plugs into a separate circuit. Given a linear load, the neutral line should result in close to 0 voltage. It seems like amps would present close to a linear load, but with these i-class power supplies, I'm less certain...and was just guessing to begin with. ;-) 2 Questions - 1.) If running the same program on all 3 amps, considering the switching power supplies, would they be considered a 'non-linear' load and risk over-loading the neutral leg? I haven't been able to measure the neutral in use and am real curious if anyone has. 2.) Beyond #1, would it make more sense to wire across the 208V legs instead? Seems like this would reduce the current flow/thermal dissipation, and maybe increase the headroom/circuit stability? Thank you for your thoughts! David
  2. Today I purchased an XTi 1000 and three XTi4000's. I'm having the same issue. I've tried using different computers, rebooting, and even just going into the System Architect to see if they'd been updated. Nothing... PLEASE HELP!