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  1. XTI 2000 and System Architect

    I got the amp back and still the same trouble on channel 2. I am going to exchange it now thanks to great support from Crown. Thanks David, Mark and Kip for all your help on the phone and sorry If I got any names wrong.
  2. My amp is in for service now, Channel 2 was getting -10db (in SA) on startup for about 20 minutes then would go down. My question is why are input signals soo much higher than outputs in system architect? SA was showing clipping on inputs and resynching constantly at high levels for a Halloween show I did. SA eventually would not recognize the amp at all even after unhooking and rehooking USB cord. The most interesting part to me is the amp led's NEVER clipped, saw green all night!!!! My setup is: Soundblaster Elite Pro (I use front channel 1/8" out) to Behringer 1622FX Pro Mixer to Crown XTI 2000 to Two JBL XLR 125 Quasi 3 way speakers via 50' 14 Gauge Neutronic connectors. I also run A JBL S120P 400 Watt Sub from control room outs on the mixer, need a bigger sub for sure