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  1. CE-4000 DEAD

    Thank You!!! Any hints you'd care to share on the Viper fix? Please Email me.
  2. CE-4000 DEAD

    :angry: I have a CE-4000 that worked great, and then one day last week...nothing, no lights, no fan...nothing! I thought I had maybe forgotten to plug it in! After doing much research on the web, I have found many instances of the Viper blowing in the Flyback and taking out other components with it. Also, a trace is know to burn out in this amp also. What is Crown's fix for this? I want to repair it and prevent this from happening again. Where can I find the Schematics for the CE-4000?? I see you now have them up on the disc. product page for the 1k and 2k , but not the 4k?? It would be nice to have them available! Thanks, Bryan