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  1. I have a CE 1000. I have 2 Community XLT 43 speaker cabinets (8 ohm impedance, 200 W Conitnous power, 500 W Program Power). Currently running in Stereo Mode Sensitivity switch on Crown is set to 1.4. I use the Neurtik Spekon Outputs (with a 1/4" adapter on them). It's been running for at least 7 years without a hitch. Right now, I'm getting 275 W per side, which isn't enough for my needs. Per recommendations and information from Crown Audio and Community Tech Support staff following my questions, they say the following will work without blowing my stuff up (if I'm careful). I want to run in Bridge Mono Mode to get the extra power (1100W total, 550W per speaker), and yes I know I need to be careful not to blow the speakers. Here's what I THINK I need to do, and please tell me if I'm wrong. Turn off everything. Turn the switch on the back of the Crown amp to Bridge. Hook up Neutrik Spekon output Channel 1 to the first speaker. Hook up the 2nd speaker to the 1st speaker (piggy back them). Turn on the Crown with all levels turned off. Slowly turn up Channel 1 (leave 2 off) to see if anything bad happens, then feed signal through my mixing console (Behringer UB2442FX-PRO) and listen for anything odd. Am I right and it's that simple? At first when looking at the CE 1000 manual, it looked like I had to put a wire across the barrier block inputs from + to +, but now I'm thinking that is NOT what I need to do.