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  1. XTI 4000 Protection Mode help

    I have the same amp, same problem. I can drive it at moderate levels, not even peaking on kick-drum, and it will go into thermal protection mode (it smells hot too).
  2. I'm trying to do the firmware update to my new XTi4000. I downloaded System Architect and went to the XTI_DSi_CDi_firmware folder and followed the directions there. When I tell CLoader_ver1_07.exe to use the XTI1105.hex file, it says "Programming...", but never does anything. I left it running for an hour. The amp display never says: “--Wait--” , like the instructions say it should. Nothing changes in the program. I don't get the get any response. If I abort, shut it down and start over, it does the same thing. Windows does recognize the device when I connect the USB cable. What do I do next?