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  1. New Xti 4000

    Aye. The bass on the XTi is awesome for its price. Good thing your happy Tim
  2. New Xti 4000

    The Xti has a input sensitivity of 1.4volts. Most domestic amplifiers have from 2-2.5V so a preamplifier is not necessary. Just set the volumknobs on the front to zero and turn them 1 step at a time. The volume setting will be kinda rough but if you just want to check it out its ok. Tim
  3. Xti2000 or Xti4000 ?

    There have been a big discussion around Crown and JBL LSR6332 on a Danish hififorum. www.hifi4all.dk if you can read danish that is One guy compared it with the B&W 802 and he prefered the 6332! He used a Crown Studio Ref 1 to power them, and i believe it was a CT3000 to power the subs. The subs was DIY with a JBL W12GTi on each side, used as stands for the LSR's He also takes them apart, showing the inside of the speakers. Many nice pictures even if you dont understand the text. Tim
  4. Crown Xti-2000 specs

    A THD at .5% isnt necessarily that much, or audible. It depends what order harmonics they are. .5% second order harmonic aint so bad...but .5% 15.th harmonic is very bad. What Stephane said! Tim
  5. Xti2000 or Xti4000 ?

    Hi. Actually i would suggest that you wait untill you can afford a better amp. I owned the XTi-1000 for a while, and though it is the best value for money amp i have ever heard, it just doesnt sound good enough for a speaker like the LSR6332. I've heard that the CT3000 sound alot better and is a good match to the LSR6332. David should know more about this. Best regards Tim
  6. Crown Xti-1000

    Hi. Nice to see someone sharing my experience with The XTi-1000. Im going to change the output caps to see if i can get even a bit more out of it. Best regards.
  7. For me this is bad news. Ill just have to hope someone is putting a Studio Ref up for sale in my area. Are there any plans to do a follow up on it? Best regards
  8. Crown Xti-1000

    About the damping factor. I compared the XTi-1000 with a damping factor of 500 with an ICE ASP500 based amplifier with meassured damping factor of 1000 below a few hundred Hz. Even if it should be so when you look at specs, the Crown was considerably tighter in the bass. Dont ask me why. After reading the specs i didnt expect that result, but there you have it. Best regards
  9. Crown Xti-1000

    Hi. Im using the XTi 1000 for home audio. Taking the price into consideration i think it performs very well. Compared to other PWM amplifiers the specs aint that bad. THD is the same as for the ICE 1000asp module (0.1%) Cant you borrow it and try it out before purchase? Best regards
  10. Is any of the current amplifiers on level with the discontinued studio reference amplifiers? Best regards Tim
  11. XTI 1000

    Hi. Im using a XTi1000 for home audio. Its connected to a dCD Delius DAC wich has low output impedance and a max output of 6V, However i find that the 2V setting is more than enough. I further use a pair of JBL L65 Jubal's. I think that the Crown sounds great considering its low price. What it lacks is a bit resolution and clarity from the midrange and uppwards. I have a felling that this is the built in ADC/DAC's fault. But as stated, for the price its very good. I also think the sound is best when setting the innput attenuator to Zero. When running it with single ended sources i use a RCA-->XLR adapter. Thees only cost a few bucks. Best regards Tim Edit: Btw, David. Is there a great leap in sound Quality (especially mid and highs) from the XTi to the Macro Tech series? (or even the Itech) Or do you just get more bass controll, power and functionality?
  12. XTi1000 question

    Ok. Thanks for the information David Best regards Tim
  13. I downloaded the software yesterday. Its working fine. However i lack the USB cable to hook the amp up to my computer. I think the cable should be included with the amps. It cant cost that much extra. BTW: im using my XTi1000 in a HIFI stereo system. Im hoping the DSP can compensate for a bit much room gain in the bass freq. Best regards
  14. XTi1000 question

    Great David. Thanks. I also have one additional question. When the amplifier is set to DSP off modus. Does that remove the ADC and DAC from the signal path and feed the analog audio signal directly to the power amp section? Best regards Tim
  15. Hi. I wonder if anyone could give me a link to a Phase VS. Frequency plot of the XTi1000? Best Regards Tim