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  1. HI, After going through 3 Emotiva RSP-2 preamps, I have ended up putting my 38 year Crown IC-150 back into service! I had 3 bad units, very disappointing. If Crown still made a preamp, I'd be in line. For now, till I find something better the Crown will continue to control my setup,and feed my XTI-2000 power amp, as it has for the past 38 years without one day of service! Oh and by the way, the pilot light still works!
  2. It looks like it should work fine, with the XTi, from what I read about it on their site. Thanks for the reply. It's very hard to let go of my IC-150. It's 37 years old and still functions perfectly! No noisy pot's or switches, even the pilot light has never been replaced. It will probably remain for show in my system.
  3. Hi, I have been using a Crown XTI-2000 power amp in my home system for about 2 years now with excellent results. It has been driven with an old , but mint Crown IC-150 pre-amp which I've owned since 1973. I thought maybe I should get a new pre-amp now and I'm thinking of buying this....... Do you think this pre-amp will mate well with the Crown XTI? They both have XLR connectors ( my Crown IC-150 had RCA). I have to order this pre-amp, and don't want to buy something I'm going to have trouble with. I will miss the Crown Contour switch.
  4. I'm also very interested in these figures. Why is this topic being ignored?
  5. A Pre-Amp from Crown?

    Thank you for your comments, and enthusiasm for Crown! Your suggestion is noted, but not likely to happen. The pre-amp you refer to was made in the day when Crown was actively involved in the Hi-Fi market. Crown made a decision years ago to no longer participate in that market and instead focus exclusively on professional audio. In addition, Crown is also now a Harman company, and Harman as you probably are aware is very much in the consumer audio market already with such brands as Harman Kardon, JBL, Mark Levinson, Lexicon and others. Has anyone ever brought this to H/K's attention before? I know several people who would love to see Crown come back to the consumer hi-fi world. Does Crown feel they can't compete in this market today, or does Harman prohibit Crown from entering the market. I bought my Xti-2000 after seeing Crown at a Guitar Center. I bought it on the spot just based on my previous experience with my Crown IC-150, and DC-300. I have been totally pleased with my purchase. I think Crown has a chance to grab back a decent share of the consumer market today. People are sick, and tired of equipment with over blown prices, and are starving for quality U.S. made products. Like I said I bought my amp just based on the quality and reliability I've come to expect from Crown. I knew I would be bringing home a top notch product. I think it may be worth your time to reconsider the market that Crown elevated from a casual hobby into a serious quest for audio perfection. What does Crown have to loose? They would still own the professional market!
  6. A Pre-Amp from Crown?

    I fully agree with you. I'm still using my mint Crown IC-150 pre-amp with my new Crown XTI-2000 power in my stereo system. My pre-amp is now 35 years, and I have no plans of replacing it till it dies, or Crown makes a new pre-amp. It has never needed service in all that time, and the pilot light has never been replaced. If Crown introduced a new pre-amp, I'd be the first in line. It will be difficult for me to replace my IC-150 after all these years, but I'm sure a capacitor is probably getting close to drying by now. It will be a sad day. Come on Crown come back to Hi-Fi!
  7. Xti latency in DSP off mode

    With DSP off the amp functions as a normal amp.
  8. B Stock xti

    I think you can test the fan by starting the self diagnostic test. I believe you hold all 3 black buttons in on the front panel. Soon you will hear the fans rev up.
  9. I use K1's and K2's they are great1 Hi, I wrote the review mentioned above. I am very happy with both the sound, and build quality of the XTI-2000 amp. My Crown Xti 2000 compared to my Onkyo M504 power amp which has received many excellent reviews over the years, is simply in a different sound league entirely. I have got many direct to disc recordings from Sheffield Labs, and many others that I use as a reference. These albums are in mint condition. One guitar album I have is an especially delicate recording of acoustics guitar. On my Onkyo M504 the sound is thin, lifeless, boring, and lacks the nuances of a live unamplified acoustic guitar. The Crown opens this recording wide up, giving it the vibrance and attack that a good acoustic guitar recording is capable of. Bass passages on the Crown deliver the impact, and punch my Onkyo delivers as muddy, and boomy sounding. Now I'm comparing a Crown Xti-2000, I have no idea what other current Crown amps sound like, as I have no experience with them, but this amp compared to my Onkyo M504 is superior sounding in every way. When I had bought my Onkyo I payed $899.00 for it. It lasted about 9 years. This Crown cost me $699.00. It would be a steal at twice this price. I am now interested in learning what other pro amps in Crown's line sounds like. 5 years ago I would have never considered buying one of these amps. Today I can't imagine spending four or five times the amount on a consumer amp. I go with my ears and they have been listening to live unamplified jazz for many years. I'm more that pleased with the results. So much so I will probably never look back.
  10. XTI-2000 gain structure

    Thanks David. The amp sounds just great. Set up in this manner the signal to noise is excellent also.
  11. Hi, I'm using a Crown Xti-2000 in my home stereo driven with a mint Crown IC-150 pre-amp. I was just wondering if I have the gain settings on the front panel set up right. I first turned the xti gains to zero, then my IC-150 up to 3/4 volume. I slowly moved both xti gains up till I achived the loudest levels I would possibly listen at, then I went one click past that. This gives my more volume control ( a quater more turn) on my IC-150 for lower output recordings. This also allows the loudness control on the front of my Ic-150 to operate as it should cutting out all contour above about 2 o'clock on the IC-150's volume knob. The thing is my gains on the xti-2000 are only up 6 clicks, not even have way. The sound level is very loud at these settings, and the noise floor extremely low. In fact, unless you put your ear right up to the speaker you can't here a thing at full volume. My other question is can clip the amp with the gains that low? I mean buy turning down the gains, I'm not in effect turning my amp into a say 75 watt amp that could then clip correct?
  12. XTI-2000 Heat

    No I haven't but given how hot the face plate gets, and the fact that the internal temps run about 140F, It seems to me that the amp always hovers at the boarderline of turning on the fan. It would then seem logical to me that since the fan never really cools down the amp, over time the average temps may be hotter than pushing the amp hard, and having the fans run from time to time. I was just concerned that over time this would take a toll on the components.
  13. Hi, I'm using an XTI-2000 as my main power amp in my home stereo with excellent results. The amp can become quite warm after a few hours, and I'm wondering since the fan never comes on because the temps seem to stay around 130 - 140 F, can I be degrading the amps reliability over time? I have never heard the fans once in my 4 months of ownership. I know they work becuase I had them run full blast in the diagnostic mode. Just concerned about the heat affecting the caps and such.
  14. Crown D45

    So I am to assume that no damage to the amp would happen if only headphones, and no speakers were hooked up?