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  1. Crown will have to help you. Shane Fleming 4829[/snapback] Okay, thank you Shane. 4830[/snapback] To Crown, Okay, I have this diagnosed to be an issue with the onboard DSP. Based on my low level hardware expertise and what I am getting out of the amp, it's an issue with the onboard DSP. I don't have the time to mess with all of this. I've never had issues with QSC and this is my first experience with crown. It's not a good one. The amp is going back and I'm going back to QSC. That's why I play through a known good 1969 fender amp. Quality is everything and this amp with it's onboard DSP isn't cutting it for a professional musician. I cannot afford to have two or three 1K amps setting around just in case. I play out with a power amp or two and they have to work. 3 QSC 2000's was all I ever needed and with not a single hickup. This is a brand new xti 4000 amp and it's popping at low volumes with DSP off. I'm out of here. If I want a computer in my amp, I'll let you know. So far it acts like it's running windows. I prefer linux, I prefer quality. This isn't it, bottom line. Thanx. L8R rjs
  2. Same here... My crown is going back. I don't have time for this.
  3. Crown will have to help you. Shane Fleming 4829[/snapback] Okay, thank you Shane.
  4. Go to Crown's Homepage and click on the "Software Avail Now" on the XTI amps. Other's reporting this problem have solved it with the updated firmware. As discussed with the other questions, you will want to do this to help yourself setup the crossovers, etc. Download the system architect 1.2 with the firmware and you will be in business. Shane Fleming 4826[/snapback] Hi again bluelight, I checked my firmware and it already says The firmware upgrade on the site says the same. Do I still need an update? I would already have SA installed after registering with the HiQnet site, no email came back with a password. I cannot login to get to the files. I sent an email to them, still no response. The amp is "popping" when I turn it on as well. Thank you, rjs
  5. Hello, I just received my xti4000 from musicians friend and I am getting a horrid popping sound even at low volumes. When pushing in the 3 buttons with the amp on to check the temps, I get a very loud popping. With DSP in off mode, which I haven't even tried messing with, I occassionally get the same big popping sound. The popping is louder than the volume. Thank you, --rjs
  6. Read the specs on the XTI and read the specs on an I-Tech. The specs on the I-Tech will state the min power from 20hz to 20khz. The XTI's state the power at 1 khz. Look at a 31 band EQ. 1khz is in the middle of the EQ whereas 20 hz - 20khz includes the power hogging bass as well as the rest of the audio frequency. at say 100 hz (bass) there would be less than 1,200 watts at 4 ohms compared to 1,200 watts at 1khz. Bass requires more energy. Hope this helps. Shane Fleming 4822[/snapback] Well I think I'm having other problems now. My amp is popping all on it's own. A loud popping noise is coming out of the amp. At any volume. All I have hooked up is the two jbl 600W tops. All new monster cables, etc... The amp itself is creating the loud popping noise.
  7. Hi Bluelight, Thank you for responding. Yeah, I was thinking I might be under powered. If I purchased another xti 4000 for the bottoms I would suppose that I would need a crossover between the amps and the four speakers? If not, how would I hook up two xti 4000's and use one for the bottoms and on for the tops? Would this suffice? Also you mentioned that 2ohms is at 1khz. What does this mean? Will you explain why this is not good? Thank you, rjs
  8. Hello, I just ordered an XTI4000 and have a question. I will be powering two 4ohm 600W JBL SR Series II tops (15+horn) plus two SR Series II 4ohm bottoms. Dividing the 4ohm by 2 gives two ohms I believe per side on the amp. Which would produce 1600W per side according to what I see in the specs. The question is in regards to a needed crossover to give the right frequency responce to each side of the amp. Do I need an external crossover, or can I hook up the tops to one side, and the bottoms to the other side as mentioned above using the internal amp crossover to adjust the frequency response to the tops and bottoms? Thank you, rjs