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  1. XLS 602 D Heating problems

    David, thank you so far for you answer and the invested time on this issue. I have had a large conversation with a collegue of mine after reading your second answer. Tomorrow (saterday ) I will contact my reseller for a solution and immedialty delivery of new amps to solve the problem with the customer.... Kind regards !
  2. XLS 602 D Heating problems

    Hello, thanks for looking into this case allready. Though I dont understand where you are ghetting the 3 Ohn from. As far as I always learned, when you put two resistants parallel, you have to devide the amount, and double the wattages. So when a speaker would be 300 watt on 8 ohm, put a second speaker parallel, you would get 600 Watt on 4 Ohm. The XLS 602D should do the job on this I was thinking. Today I have serviced the first amp, and I found out something strange. When I installed the replacement amp last night, I saw a red led burning inside of the amp. This new amp is working fine, but it has not been crowded yet in the bar dancing so I have to wait till saterday night to find out if the replacement really worked out and nothing wnet wrong. Back to the story, when I was doing dust cleaning insite of the first amp, I found out, there was no led at all on the print.. So now I am wondering if there has been a modification during the past couple of months... Serial # of the first amp (with no led inside ) is : 8500034324 Serial # of the second amp ( with a red led inside ) : 8500052137. Looking forward for your answer...
  3. Recently I installed a new XLS 602D amp for a customer of mine. I use the amp in combination with 4 JBL Controll C29 speakers. 2 C29 cabinets are connected paralel on every output of the 602D. To prevent any clipping, the signal goes through a compressor/limiter before it goes to the 602D ampflifier. When the amplifier has to work a lot, sometimes it suddenly goes into heat protection ! Even after we placed the amplifier rack in the basement of the etablisement, it still happens.... I have placed two fans in the back of the 19 inch rack the extra blow out the heated air out of the rack and I left 1 HE space under and above the amp. Can someone please someone tell me what the heck is going wrong here, while the average temp in the basement is somewehere around the 20 degrees.....