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  1. Finally, perhaps a picture. At least of the front panels. The smudging on the lower amp, under the "Supply" text, is due to my attempt to clean up some grime. It only shows up in the flash photo.
  2. I've had them open for obligatory cleaning and bias check since buying them from a bar/nightclub that was updating. I didn't cross check any part numbers but nothing struck me as looking like the units are fake/counterfeit. Serial plates/tags are intact, nothing appears unusual in this regard. Everything looks original except I'd say the power switch on one of the two was replaced at some point. Bias potentiometers, test points, etc., were just as in the MT1200 service manual best I recall. It was a year ago or more.
  3. Sorry for bringing this one back from the dead, but I missed the request for pictures. Here are my two MT1200s with "Supply" instead of ODEP lights.Well, I would post a picture but I can't seem to make it work on this forum, uniquely from any other I visit. Huh...
  4. I sent a parts inquiry some time ago but never received a reply. Can you tell me if the fan-formers are still available for the MT1200? Also, seems I recall hearing about a "quiet" fan blade for this type of fan. Is there such thing as a lower noise fan blade and, if so, are they still available too? The amps are not used commercially nor with very low impedance load so I think less air flow is not really too much concern for heating. Thanks!
  5. 1. Are the RCA inputs tied to the XLR/TRS jacks such that I could input to the amp with XLR/TRS and get passthrough from the RCAs? 2. If #1 is NO, what cable pinout do you suggest to use the XLR-TRS for passthough to RCA/unbalanced? Thanks, Todd
  6. Well, as a general rule, the more options you have the more broad the potential compatibility. That said, see previous comments above.
  7. Most amps I've worked with it is suggested/necessary to set the gain of CH 2 to lowest setting in bridged mode. The manual for the XLS1000 doesn't say to do that. Is it necessary to set the gain of CH 2 to minimum for bridged mode operation, or is the amp different so setting CH 2 to minimum isn't required?
  8. Nothing official from Crown tech regarding "Supply" vs "ODEP" nomenclature for the LED indicators?
  9. I've done some reading on ODEP, however no reference found to "Supply". Both amps I have clearly are labeled "Supply" where the current literature shows ODEP. Is "Supply" merely the name used before someone came up with the ODEP acronym or does Supply indicate something totally different than ODEP?
  10. My point wasn't to imply a box is never needed, only that they're usually not needed. For sure there are some situations where they can be quite helpful.
  11. Was looking for some literature on (apparently older) Micro Tech 1200s. On the amps are two LEDs labeled "Supply", but in the on-line literature the LEDs are labeled "ODEP" What's the difference? TIA..
  12. FWIW, I've connected several Crown (and other brand) pro amps to consumer gear and never needed a "boost box" to be able to drive rated output (or beyond to clipping). Granted, I have not tried to drive a pro amp directly from an iPod, et al, but from any number of different consumer/home preamps including tube preamp. In these cases I've used RCA > XLR or RCA > TS adapter cables. I also have some home preamps with XLR outputs but didn't count those in my comments (although they work just fine too). I have several different home amps and several different pro amps. Taking the average of the input sensitivities, the pro amps actually had slightly higher sensitivity (lower voltage needed to drive rated output).
  13. Preamplifier compatability

    I guess it depends on what you mean by compatible. Unless the output impedance of the C-J or Bryston are extremely high, that shouldn't be a problem and the gain of the amp can be set to 26dB, or 1.4V (which is roughly 32-33dB). All-in-all, electrically it shouldn't be a problem. If you're asking how it will sound, well, that you have to determine on your own due to the subjective nature.
  14. CTS 1200 Input Sensitivity

    To this casual observer, the correct setting would appear to be 1.4V (70V). What sort of "consumer level" device do you mean? A preamp, or something like a FM tuner connected directly to the amp inputs?
  15. What subs do you have with 60mm xmax?