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  1. CROWN MA-5000i

    Thanks ! but i dont know the parameters for a pair of JBL 515 !
  2. Hi just bought a CROWN MA-5000i powerfull amp really and extreme damping factor, i have a set of JBL MRX-515 speakers rated at 1600 peak - 400 rms each ,i use in stereo mode and i play electronic music with my Allen Heath xone-62 wich is the maximun power these speakers can handle with the 5000i without damage the cone or the tweeter, or i have to upgrade to the next JBLs ?
  3. XTI-1000 update

    Oh im a mobile dj so the ac voltage was useful for me can i go back to the old firmware again ? thanks matias
  4. XTI-1000 update

    Thanks Rob for the answers But before i update my xti , it displays the AC voltage (like 221 V or 222 V ) in the diagnostic. matias
  5. hi Have 3 questions : 1) When i turn on the amp with the gains all way down i hear a "CLICK" noise from the speakers, it is normal ? 2) Alfer 6 hours of normal use, i turn off the amp ,and accidentaly i touch the AC metal plug of the amp ,and it gives me electric shock !!! 3) I just update my XTI-1000 and i notice the display doesnt show me the voltage of the AC wall in the diagnostic mode. thanks Matias Buenos Aires Argentina