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  1. IT4000 and XTi1000 system

    David, I was reading another post and I became confused about power ratings. You stated, "If you are using two speakers per side of the same impedance than you would add the power requirements and half the Impedance. i.e. (2) 8-ohm speakers-one rated for 400 watts Program and one rated for 600 watts Program would give you a 4-ohm 1000 watt load. You would be looking for an amplifier that could do 1000 watts with a 4-ohm load for 3db of headroom in the power range of 800 watts to 1250 watts at 4-ohms." With that in mind, the system configuration that I stated before would require: (2) I-T8000 (2100/4000/3500) to power the four JBL VRX915m's at (800/1600/3200 @8ohms) (2) XTi 1000 (275/500/700) (1 per side) to power the eight (4 per side) JBL VRX932LA's HF at (75/150/300 @8ohms) 2 arrays chained together for a 4ohm load, so that would be, (150 x 1.25) x 2 = 375 @ 4 ohms per channel, with the amp rated at 500 watts per channel at 4ohms, I stand a good chance of damaging the HF horns, correct? (2) I-T8000 (1 per side) to power the eight (4 per side) JBL VRX932LA's LF at (800/1600/3200 @8ohms) 2 arrays chained together for a 4ohm load, so that would be, (1600 x 1.25) x 2 = 4000 @ 4 ohms per channel, this would cover the MF or LF, correct? (2) I-T8000 (2100/4000/3500) to power the four JBL VRX918S's at (800/1600/3200 @8ohms), (1600 x 1.25) = 2000 @ 8ohms per channel, which is right where it should be, correct? I just want to make sure that I am going to power the speakers correctly and allow for different system configuration and head room. Thank you for your input and assistance. Kevwill315
  2. I have been doing my research in putting together a new live sound system and have decided on the following: Speakers: (4) VMX915m for stage monitors (8) VMX932 for MF and HF (paralelling (2) of the 932's to drop to 4 ohms) (4) VMX918s for subs (paralelling (2) 918s' to drop to 4 ohms) I plan to power the speakers with: (2) IT4000 powering the (4) VMX915m's (2) XTi1000 for HF and (2) IT4000 for MF to power the the VMX932's (2) IT4000 brigded to 4ohms to power the VMX918s' Mixer is a Soundcraft GB4-32 running into (4) DBX AFS224 then through DBX 482 (handling the crossover, limiting, EQ and such) Drive Rack and a 442 (handling limiting, EQ and such) Drive Rack controlled via 480R Drive Rack. The Amps will be seperated into two racks (1-XTi1000 and 3-IT4000) to control the left and right sides. The venues will range in size from 50ft x 90ft up to 100ft x 200ft and possibly some outside venues. I want to be able to control the amps from FOH using a wireless networking system and notebook, the audio signal will still be delivered through two seperate snake systems. I have several questions regarding this configuration. First questions, is the XTi1000 the proper amp to run the HF? I selected this amp because it was the lowest output and still provide networking capability. Second question, is it possible to network the XTi via ethernet using a wireless USB printer hub? Finally, I know that this system has some redundacy, in that the ITech's and the XTi's have built in DSP, but I really like how the Drive Rack's work using the 480R (I just wish DBX would put the AFS in the 480 series like they do the 260's) Are there any holes in my plans to cover the various venues? Thank you all for any comments or input you may have. Best Regards, Kev