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  1. Xs1200 amp

    Hi Bud I'm using one set of speakers as they have 15 inch subs in them, and my Bose 901 series VI with equalizer. Can I hook up 2 pairs of speakers on the 2 negative and 2 positive poles direct. I'm also using 12 gauge monster cable on both pairs of speakers. Any ideas on that as well? Can I wire direct to the spear poles on the XS1200?
  2. Xs1200 amp

    16 ohms,8 ohms or 4 ohms, need model of speaker, need more details, you want to go stereo or mono ? 4674[/snapback] First set of speakers custom made DJ speakers 8ohm, 3 way, second set is a pair of Bose 901VI, Want to remain stereo. Thanks
  3. Would like to know how I can hook up 2 pairs of speakers to an Xs1200 amp?