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  1. I-Tech inputs?

    You can Y the input in the DSP. It is very easy to do with the system architect software.
  2. XTi Networking

    Here's an update. I got the Digi Anywhere USB and connected 15 XTi amplifiers to it (using two 7-port usb self powered hubs from D-Link) and everything worked great. I also had a Soundweb London BLU-16 and BLU-10 on the same network and I didn't have any trouble at all. I tried connecting both with ethernet and through a wireless connection and both worked fine. This is definately the way to go to connect to large numbers of XTi's at the same time wirelessly. Thanks again for all the help. -Bradley
  3. XTi Networking

    You can connect hubs onto the Anywhere USB device and add more amps, I have done it. The hubs however must be be self powered from it's own power supply, not powered from the USB line. 4734[/snapback] Thanks so much for the info. Its a big help.
  4. XTi Networking

    This Digi device sounds good and would allow me to connect wirelessly through the network. Have you tried connecting 12 amps via hubs into the "Anywhere USB" device or just 5 amplifiers directly into the ports on the device? I am trying to find out whether I would have to get 4 of these units to do the job of just one and a couple of usb hubs.
  5. I have done several installs with XTi's and I am going to be doing several more systems with probably 18-20 XTi amplifiers per rack. I was wondering if anyone has tried to connect this many together at once and how you did it. I wouldn't be opposed to a wired connection but wireless always nice and I do have ethernet networks set up for processors and other devices. I saw some talk in some other threads about the Silex units and the Lantronix Ubox. I know the Silex units are limited to 15 devices including usb hubs. I couldn't find any info about a maximum number of devices on the Ubox. Any ideas or help with this would be greatly appreciated. -Bradley