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  1. Cts 2000 problem

    In the middle of gig, i heard that speakers who are powered by Cts2000 are off (only with sound) on short moments (like when someone put bad cable and move it fast). Wihtout rules... When i went home, i tried everything (other cables, other speakers), and signal is always breaking (sometimes after one minute, sometimes after one seconds). I went to the authorized service (Serbia) and they cant fix it. After 15 days of testing, they said that it is PROBABLY motherboard, and they don`t have it, they "must order but that is very expensive", they will call me when they get the price. They never called, but hey... PROBABLY they would... In Serbia they for sure (not probably) didn`t have much CTs2000 on service. I could try to wrote an e-mail to some big servise in USA, the for sure have much more experience and maybe they could help me? If someone had similiar problem, please help...
  2. Is it much better solution than with Xti4000 ? What is the best solution (price/quality) for 712m ? ps My mistake: Cts2000 is my first opstion from subject, ofcourse.