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  1. i only have 1 xti2000, cant try with other amp unfortunately, but it used to work fine... i connect straight amp to computer via USB yes.
  2. Is anyone having issues with band manager or even system architect? everything opens up, it detect the amp (xti2000) but i cant get in any settings at all , (eq, xover, out eq, delay limits etc) when i click any of those nothing happens... as if its locked, but yet nothing is locked... seems like a bug , ive tried it with 2 different computers and same thing any help/fix would be greatly appreciated! thx
  3. Ya the box probably has lot to do with the issue... i remember it being 0.9cu.ft NET the full specs & T/S parameter is this: thx for the link, useful thread!! You know, you actually made me think of something.... my subs are dual 4ohm and are wired in parralel which results in a ~2ohm final load.... I'm starting to think that maybe at lower frequency the impendance gets even lower and stresses the xti further? hmmm Dont get me wrong the Xti2000 is one of the audio equipment that I cant seem to part with, I really love it... amazingly versatile, with xovers, eqs, good power output..all-in-one, super user friendly.. almost 7years that I have it and its still kicking..seriously where else can you get all of these feature in a easy to carry-put it anywhere 19” x 3.5" x 12.25” metal box? lol Was powering an 18" ported sub prior the 10" and the output was stunning! changed because of lack of space... I think I will re-build a new and much better enclosure and see what happens first.
  4. The sub is this : http://web.archive.org/web/20070501035257/www.tcsounds.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1013 The chain is simple and as follow: computer sound card --> art cleanbox --> xti2000 --> subs i did EQ some frequencies, raised a couple dbs in the 30hz region Although the subs are each in theyre own sealed enclosure, which does make it lot more ineffecient... i used to run them in a car, ported, with 2000wrms, and they were happy with full of life... so im also thinking of making an enclosure that would result in a much more efficient output as well... The clipping i was referring to happens really briefly through some movies with some peaks in the low frequencies... movies like transformers, avengers, ironman, basically all LFE heavy movies ... using to much EQ can greatly provoke that right? it doesnt occurs with music... What exactly is the 20hz-20khz output rms of the xti4002? i remember long time ago a thread went about that since the power rating is rated @ 1khz only ... thx
  5. Hello, Im wondering if it is worth the switch, I use it for home use, powering 2 10" subwoofer rated 800rms each, strictly for sub-60/80hz use... movies mostly, sometime the xti2000 clips when the bass recording peaks... I was wondering if the Xti4002 would solve this problem, I figured its simply because the xti2000 might not have enough juice for my application, dunno if the extra ~400rms on the xti4002 would make a difference So Im not sure if its worth it... or should I simply wait to find a good deal on some i-tech4k or 6k? since they have a whole different design and architecture (i think), might be lot easier and more futureproof for low frequency application?
  6. Hello, I've had this amplifier for a good 7-years, when they came out I think... lol, I must say it is still rock solid and pumping the power I need! Anyways, silly question but I just want to be safe and keep this thing going strong for a lifetime I hope lol... I'm thinking of setting up the amplifier vertically due to space concern, but I would'nt do it if it has a potential to damage or mess up something internally on the long run... Thinking of keeping it vertically for about 2years.... Thoughts? Thanks
  7. i remember seeing it had a 24bit/96khz D/A converter... but I cant find that spec on the website? so what kind of D/A converter does the xti has?
  8. XTi1000 and CDi1000 difference.

    This is just to say thank you DGlass for the display board, it's been a week and half now and the sound is much much more solid without any volume shifting, I can listen to music without any worries now! I'm so happy, great customer service ! thx again
  9. XTi1000 and CDi1000 difference.

    Thanks a lot, I guess ill stick with XTi's , I don't know if it's worth sending it and waiting and all that... The amplifier works great atm, and since I updated the amplifier with the new firmware it works flawless, i dont know if its because of it or i'm lucky ... Can't you send me a good ribbon cable or something if the problem keeps coming back?
  10. XTi1000 and CDi1000 difference.

    What do you mean by output stage? and how would I manage to connect my computer do the CDi with the Combicon barrier strip? Also, I don't understand the 6channels parametric EQ, do you mean band? and what does the subharmonic synth does? he for home use you think the xti is better or cdi? mainly for music and movies. thanks a lot
  11. some people are more annoyed from bass than other. My neighbors really don't care about it... I know some friend that their neighbor always complain and his system is anything but loud.... It really depends... he
  12. XTI 2000

    by downloading what does it do, and where, again i'm really unsure what the purpose of downloading. the power is already in the amp. please explain thanks Ok, here's the link: http://hiqnet.harmanpro.com/downloads.php, this is only to set up crossovers settings and change the EQ's, thats only if you wish to do so.... for example; on my xti2000 I boosted the low-end of my subs and have a low-pass filter at 80hz... and for my bookshelves that are running on my xti1000, I only got a high pass filter at 70hz, ... If you wanna use the amplifier at full range and by-pass any EQ/x-overs then just select the DSP Off option on the lcd screen. thats about it..
  13. XTI 2000

    whats confusing you? Use the LCD screen to select the present/configuration saved from system architect ... At first it is indeed complicated, but the more u mess around with it, the more itll become easy... You have to download Harman Pro's System architect , and connect the amplifier to the computer to be able to configure everything to your liking. I only use the lcd to switch present, and the computer to create a present..
  14. Hello, I was wondering what's the big difference between these two. The CDi1000 is double the price of a XTi1000, and it's rated at the same power, so I assume that it is a more solid, no ribbon cable problem amplifier? The XTi1000 is getting annoying, the sound keep shifting from left channel to right channel, and sometime one channel sounds louder than other, I always have to give a tap on the amplifier for it to work, the same goes with the xti2000, are the CDi an refined XTi with no problems at all? if it is so, then it might be worth it. Or else, is there a way to change the ribbon cable or make it work well permanently? thank you