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  1. Crown, Is there any possible way you can bring back the voltage meter function that was in the early XTI firmware? I know it was said before that there is no more memory left to do so, but I believe this to be a valuble enough tool that im sure most users would GLADLY give up the subsynth, or preset or two! Also, I understand that the XTI's were designed to have effecient convection cooling, but would it be a bad idea to code in a low rpm idle speed for the fan to run at untill temps are reached to kick into high? My XTI racks get extreeeeemly hot up to the point where the fan finally kicks in, and we all know electronics and heat dont mix! Thanks, and I appreciate any responses.
  2. XTI Input sensitivity

    Thats one thing I checked early on but the Sub Synth is off. I plan to try and isolate the problem even further but for now, the pumping follows the driverack. I also verified all cabling is working properly. So the XTi's are not to blame as I Initially thought. Ill keep you guy's posted.
  3. XTI Input sensitivity

    Just wanted to give a quick update about the "pumping" that I kept on mentioning... I finally bought a laptop and took the time to make some presets and load them directly into the XTi's for my subs and tops. I bypassed my DBX Driverack 260 that i usually use for xover/eq and put signal STRAIGHT into the XTi's and proceeded to test. To my surprise there was absolutely NO "pumping" at all. In fact, the subs hit noticable tighter than when the Driverack was in the loop. Just to make sure, I hooked the Driverack back up and the pumping returned. So there ya go...I knew I wasn't crazy, just blaming the wrong piece. sorry guys! I'm going to try to get ahold of another Driverack to see if maybe my 260 is faulty somehow.
  4. XTI Input sensitivity

    Hey guys, about the's fairly subtle, but its there. Anyone with a front loaded cab should be able to see what i'm talking about. I haven't checked to see if its there when the amp is used stereo, but it's definitely there when the amps are bridged. I have to shine my flashlight through the foam on my JBL SRX728's in order to see the cones, but its DEFINITELY there. But i guess since i'm the only who seems to have noticed it out of all the XTI owners out there right now, maybe its not a big deal. Oh, and just so it's clear...i am referring to the PHYSICAL movement of the speaker cone...its something you see, but don't necessarily hear.
  5. XTI Input sensitivity

    Great tip! Ill have to try and see if this solves my problem, since I use a Driverack and not the internal DSP. Hopefully it makes a difference. I wonder if running them on 220 volt power makes any difference also? They do seem rather picky on power sources. Has anyone using these amps on subs ever noticed the unusual "pumping" that the XTI's seem to exert over the speaker cones? Crown guys? You guy's should check it out at your next gig!
  6. XTI Input sensitivity

    any revelations guys???
  7. XTI Input sensitivity

    As Rob stated one thing to remember is that the DSP is now an integrated part of the amplifier. This means that any boosting or cutting or limiting etcetera you do in the amp is reflected at the amp output. For example if you have filters that are cutting frequencies in the DSP than this would be reflected as a reduction in the output signal compared to the input. The input is getting the full signal (everything-the whole enchilada) while the output is getting the signal minus whatever you have cut out. 4568[/snapback] David, I think I understand what the OP meant and it is something that i have wondered about myself. When i look at the input vs. output meters in SA, i too can drive the inputs to clip well before the output meeter is anywhere near "maxed out", regarless of bandpass. This leads me believe that im not getting "full" output out of my amps. Is this true? Are the clip indicators on this amp tiggered somewhere on the input stage, because thats what it seems like? If it is in fact triggerd relative to input, then this discovery at least makes sense. If it's relative to the output stage, then it seems like the limiters are kicking in too early? For the record i am using my amps in bridge mode (with a 4ohm load), short speaker cable runs (10 guage at that), and i have a 260 on xover duty. Another weird thing i found is that when using the amps bridge mode with a 4ohm load, the -10db indicator doesnt seem to funtion. The amps go from -20db to straight to clip. any reason as to why? They do funtion normal in stereo so i guess its due to the load on the amp. And lastly, the xti's seem to exhibit what i consider wierd controll over the speaker cones. There is a noticible "pumping" of the cone on the bass notes, even on snare hits with my full range cabs. This pumping was not there when i used my previous brand of amplifiers to run my system so i know its not the speakers. have you guys noticed this in the factory? is this normal and nothing to worry about? Other than 8 xti's have performed flawlessly (other than one unit that was DOA)!. I guess theres just a few bugs to be worked out but for the money vs. feature set this amp can be beat!