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  1. HI! My Ultra-Tech 1010 amp has no fault signal in the front panel but for some reason has no output in any of the two channels. I make differents changes of wiring and speakers but the wiring and the speakers are in exellent condition. I use this amp exclusive for my guitar processor Digitech 2101 in stereo mode and always take good care it. The input signal light comes on when I play the guitar and the processor output is working because I verify with other amps. I always take care not to turn on the clip signal because I use a very low sound compare with the power of the crow amp. I verify visually inside of the amp but I don't see any burnt or damage component. Please let me know what I can do or if you can send to me a electronic circuit schematic because according to the online manual if the amp has no output it's suppose to turn on the fault signal but it does not. Thanks Z9laserr