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  1. I use a similar setup and use the driverack 260 and use the DSP in the I-Tech 6000 for Aux Fed subs. If you wanted to just use the amps DSP why not copy the settings from the 260 and manually program into the amps DSP? I use a pair of SRX 722's on each side with an I-Tech 6000 on mids and XTI 2000 on horns. Tremendous smooth sound. I-Tech 6000 on subs, SRX 4719's. I would be lost without my Driverack. Shane Fleming
  2. Crown will have to help you. Shane Fleming
  3. Go to Crown's Homepage and click on the "Software Avail Now" on the XTI amps. Other's reporting this problem have solved it with the updated firmware. As discussed with the other questions, you will want to do this to help yourself setup the crossovers, etc. Download the system architect 1.2 with the firmware and you will be in business. Shane Fleming
  4. Have you downloaded the System Architect 1.2 from the Crown site? If not downlaod it and you can go to "insert" and install an XTI amplifier that you can play with (You don't need an amp hooked up). Click on the Crossover module and change the x-over frequency to 100hz. Channel 1 you can put a sub the other channel (2) you can put a top, splitting the frequencies. You can save your settings and plug the amp into the PC using the USB port, and transfer your settings. Ensure you upgrade the XTI firmware or you will have trouble connecting. You could also play with the crossovers and use 1 amp for subs and the other amp for the tops. Read the specs on the XTI and read the specs on an I-Tech. The specs on the I-Tech will state the min power from 20hz to 20khz. The XTI's state the power at 1 khz. Look at a 31 band EQ. 1khz is in the middle of the EQ whereas 20 hz - 20khz includes the power hogging bass as well as the rest of the audio frequency. at say 100 hz (bass) there would be less than 1,200 watts at 4 ohms compared to 1,200 watts at 1khz. Bass requires more energy. Hope this helps. Shane Fleming
  5. XTI 4000 Help

    The Mpro 418 is a 4 ohm sub. 2 on each side of the amp is running the amp at a 2 ohm load. The amp is rated at 1,600 watts at 1kHz, which means you have no headroom. Each sub is most likely geting approx 650- 700 watts. Did you try just running 1 speaker off each side of the amp. With the x-over / highpass filters set it should sound great with plenty of headroom. At 4 ohms the amp would see 1,200 watts a speaker. Yes you want to use a crossover on the subs. If your only using the XTI for the subs, go to the x-over menu (best to do hooked up to a PC). Go to the independent tab. On channel 1 enable the High pass HP and low pass LP filters. My preference for those speakers are to high pass at 31 Hz Butterworth 24db/oct and low pass Linkwitz "L-R" 48 db/oct at 100 hz. You can copy the setting to channel 2. You may want to add 6 db of gain "Bandpass Gain". Check your inputs and outputs while the sub is running. If your outputs are lagging behind your input, you want to add the gain. Hope this helps. If you have trouble building the filter, I will build you one and put it in the message. Best you try first so you learn. Shane Fleming
  6. I use the internal crossover in both the XTI and I-techs as well. Based on your application you are significantly underpowered, the XTI rating at 2 ohms is at 1khz as well. Shane Fleming
  7. XTi Networking

    I switched the router to a Linksys and the system is running very stable with the XTI's and I-Tech's. Thank You Very Much for your research and advisement. Shane Fleming
  8. XTi Networking

    Thank You David. I purchased the Anywhere USB and was able to wirelessly connect to the XTI's. I am still working on this as it appears I am having conflicts between the I-Tech's and the XTI's (all the amps are separately addressed). At times I can get them all up on system architect, but then they become offline and I can get the XTI's back. I am using the 1.8 drivers of the USB anywhere. I have tried both Silex 2000WG and 2000U as well as the Lantronix Ubox, and could only get the to work. I am using a Toshiba laptop with Windows XP. After installing the software, Windows XP will see the device as a new device to install. Click several times and keep installing the Windows devices (there were approx 5) and the recognized the XTI as a USB device. I am using a Belkin Router, no firewall. Shane Fleming
  9. HiQnet XTI and Silex

    Thanks David. I did seen this thread last week. I ordered a Lantronix Ubox and should receive it in a day or so. If I get it working I will report back. Let me know if you get the Silex working. I had Silex dialed in on my laptop, they could not get it to work. Thanks, Shane Fleming
  10. HiQnet XTI and Silex

    David, I worked with Silex on this for about an hour on Friday, they could not get it to connect. They were going to try an reach out to other users that have called them in the past with similar setups. Are you aware of any other USB to ethernet adapters that may work? I tried both firmware versions on the Silex 2000WG, 1.2 and 1.3. I am using a Toshiba laptop, Windows XP SP2. I can see the USB device in Silex's Virtual Link (it shows up as a keyboard / mouse) device. I can see the IP address of the Silex in the "manage network connections" I add it but can not get the XTI to be recognized. I tried the System Architect firmware utility. The I-Techs I have work fine with the setup. I am running the 2000WG out through a Belkin router with the I-Techs. I tried the 2000WG by itself as a wireless device and could not recognize the USB conection. I called Crown IQ tech support. They mentioned that the XTI USB connection was not meant to be used in this fashion (as a wireless networking connection), but you may have been experimenting with different products to get this to work. Thanks if you have any direction or experience with this issue. Thanks, Shane
  11. In the Prosound Web Forum, there were discussions that individuals were successful in connecting XTI's via Silex Wireless 2000WG. I tried the wireless version and the 2000U version. I read on this forum that it was being tested or that others have referenced PSW. Can anyone provide input into how to get this to work? I updated all my firmware both on the Silex and the Crown's. In the "Manage Network Connection" in System Architecture I can see the IP address of possibly the XTI or the Silex unit. I can get the XTI to work in System Architecture with a direct USB connection, and have networked 2 Crown I-Techs. I have used the I-Techs very successfully with a Belkin Router. I have also used the firmware utility. I posted a message on PSW as well. Thanks, Shane Fleming