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  1. XTi 2000 distorting?

    Id recommend to take individual pieces out. Try the rig with a new cab, then with another preamp, ect. As the problem is inconsistant that could be difficult...
  2. XLS402 distorting

    Are both of the amplifier's input level controls set to the same level? Yes, they are. Both at full. Are the speaker leads connected to the Ch1+ and the CH2+ of the amplifier's banana jacks? Both are going into the positive. The central two jacks. What is the power rating of your speakers? The speakers are Avatars. One, a 410NEO, is rated at 1000W. The other, a 115Delta is 500. I know the Delta's power rating is approaching the limit. But I wasnt pushing it very hard at all when the problem was occuring. The pre was only running at half volume and half gain (12 o'clock). The strange thing was the lack of volume. Both speakers were going much louder with the previous amp (Only 400W) with no distortion or break up.
  3. XLS402 distorting

    Nope. I do have the Y with the second input inverted as directed. Any other possibilities?
  4. I bought an older one speakon XLS402 and am using it for my bass rig with an Ampeg SVP-CL to power two 8 Ohm avatar cabs. I am bridging the amp with a banana cable and am using a xlr 'Y' for the input. The cabs should be able to hold the power, but they are distorting even at moderate volumes. To boot, the whole unit is much reduced in volume than my previous bass amp which was only 400 watts. If you simply looked at the speakers you would think it was knocking people off their feet with the cone travel, still no volume. Its loud, but the 1100 watts sound more like 200.