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  1. I've got an XTi 4000 that I bought about two months ago. I was absolutely delighted with it on arrival and posted here to tell the world! It has been working fine but I have started to notice that channel two keeps intermittently dropping in level. I have swapped the outputs from the processor (SoundWeb) feeding it to prove that it is the amp and unfortunately it is. The drop is about 6db but the meters on the amp do not change to indicate this? Anyone got an answer to this?
  2. In system architect, when you bring up the input panel for an XTi4000, are the output meters an actual physical measurement of the output terminals or are they a software calculation? Also, is there an option of changing the LED meters on the unit itself to indicate output as opposed to input? Thanks in advance. Colin.
  3. I've been following the threads about problems with XTi's with great interest as I have been waiting for delivery of an XTi 4000. In one of the topics David Glass from tech support stated: Compare the number of units that people have been having issues with to the over 15,000+ units out already. That’s "not off to a rough start". You have to remember that the only people you are going to see posting on a forum looking for answers are those that have had an issue. How many people do you really see open a forum posting to just say hey I just got an xyz product and I think it's great. Well here goes! The amp has worked as stated out of the box and I am absolutely delighted with it. It is replacing a trusty old Macrotech that my heart will be sorry to see go but I am sure in a years time my back will be glad about. I understand that any new technology or product will have issues upon release until it has been tried and tested in the multitude of combinations and venues that are the ultimate soak test. This can never be an excuse for a duff product and I have every sympathy with the users that have unfortunately got off to a bad start. However, the approach of the Crown technical support team is (as always) sorting out the difficulties in the professional and timely manner that I think most users would appreciate. I also think that Davids perseverance to sort out the problems directly on this forum is a credit to the company. Hopefully the dedication of the team will mean that the occurrence of complaints and bugs will become less in the future. I am sure this will be the case as I personally think that this is an excellent amplifier. Colin. PS. The unit I have bought was shipped to the UK for me. I think the unseated ribbon cable problem may have been resolved. Is this the case?