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  1. CT-400

    sweet...thanks alot for your help guys
  2. CT-400

    actually, i found that P.I.P-CLP module are xlr inputs, now i just want to know if its compatible with the CT-400 thanks
  3. CT-400

    hi, i wanted to know what model of the PIP input module was for a ct-400 amp and if i can still get my hands on one. thanks
  4. hello, i know someone who wants to purchase 6 JBL SRX728s subs and wants to run these the easiest, and cheapest way. since the i-techs can run in vertualy any impedance, would getting 1 i-tech 6000 or 8000 for all of these be a smart idea, or just ridiculous...?
  5. i figure your speakers are running in 4 ohms? if they are and you run them im parallel with the amp, the amp will drop down to 2ohms, which, i dont think, is really recommended. i ould say to get another amp.
  6. the firmware i am using is 2.0112. i went throught the network wizard and and it just wouldnt show up. i also went through manage network connections and the box that said manage individual TCP interfaces, it shows the I.P. address for my computer, and not for the i-tech. i was abit confused with that. so ya, im totally dumbdfounded about this. thanks for your input.
  7. i was using an i-tech 6000 yesterday with iqwic and it as working fine. but then i wanted to try it in system architect for the first time, and it wasnt connecting to it. i went throught the trouble shooting guide and tried everything, but nothing worked. how is iqwic different from system architect in terms of networking?
  8. hey im pretty new with all the System Architect and Crown XTIs. i know you can use amps that are equipped with ethernet in a wireless environment with a Tablet PC. But since the XTIs are USB, can you do the same, and if so, how?