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  1. Hello, I've had my XTi2000 for about 6 months now and it is left on continuously. The other day the left channel's volume went almost silent and after fiddling with the gain knobs (to no avail) I went to power it off and the power switch was stuck in the on position. I was finally able to pull it out to shut it off. After I powered it back up the left channel was fine for about 2 minutes until it cut out again and the power switch is still stuck on. Is this common for this amp? This has to be the most cheaply made amp I've owned so far but it does sound pretty good. :angry:
  2. Crown Xti-2000 hum

    I have an XTi2000 and have none of the hum. Looks like you have a ground loop going on. Lots of info on the web about eliminating ground loops.
  3. crown xti

    My XTi2000 has been flawless in operation. Power, sonics, versatility for little $$$. I'm happy.
  4. Regarding XTi amps: Why is it not possible to enable the subsynthesizer and have stereo output too? Everytime I enable the subsynthesizer I get a summed mono playback from both channels? Is there any way around this other than adding a dBX unit? Thanks.
  5. I believe your weak point are your Bose speakers. A Crown amp will certainly tighten up the low end but those speakers will never be punchy and dynamic no matter what drives them. If you must stick with sub/satallite arrangements then sell the Bose and get some quality studio monitors with a powered sub such as HSU Research STF or VTF series sub. The alternative is to run full range front left/right speakers that have that sound you are after. Good Luck.
  6. Just writing a quick post to say that I am very pleased with my recent purchase of the Crown XTi2000. Compared to my previous amps the XTi sounds very clean, musical and dynamic. Having the ability to adjust the EQ for just about any frequency with the built-in DSP is pure icing on the cake. For the money, nothing comes close! Kudos, Crown!!
  7. Problem with XTi2000 firmware update

    Thank you for the help. After I completed adding the Vendor ID 4624 to USB Devices the XTi2000 appeared in the Venue display. I confirmed that the firmware did indeed get updated. Thanks again.
  8. Got my XTi2000 yesterday and I am now attempting to flash the firmware update. I was able to use CLoader to update the firmware but after the amp rebooted during the procedure, it did not return to the 'DSP OFF' display that the directions indicated it should. Instead, it displayed 'LO LINE' and CLoader was hung at Checking Serial number (or something like that) for over 10 minutes. I finally powered off/on the amp and it returns to 'DSP OFF' but I cannot get System Architect to see it thru Network Wizard nor can CLoader reflash it (it hangs). Maybe the flash suceeded but I cannot attach to the amp via SA to see. It is worrisome that the flash procedure did not finish like the instructions said they would. What do I do now to get SA to see it? By the way: Cloader sees it as an XTi1000 instead of XTi2000 for some reason. Is this normal?
  9. XTI 4000 Failed

    Does anyone know what has been changed in the production run and how to tell (by serial number) if a given XTi amp needs to go back for a modification? I'm asking because I have an XTi2000 on the way but I do not want any known defects in it. Thanks.
  10. XTI Subharmonic Synthesizer?

    Thanks so much for the info. Even though I don't have the amp yet, I'll download the SA and poke around (if possible). Thanks!!
  11. XTI Subharmonic Synthesizer?

    Thanks Kim. Was the subsynth an on/off option only or can you set the degree of processing? If I ever used it, I would want to just slightly augment the bass frequencies so that the overall sound would not be thrown out of balance. Thx.
  12. I'm about ready to purchase an XTi amp but I am wondering if the subharmonic synthesizer feature works the same way an external dbX 120a would. Does it work the same on a full range stereo signal like the dbx unit or does it turn the XTi into a bass-only amp? Opinions on sound quality would be nice too. Thanks!