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  1. Hello, my name is Jeff and I am brand new to this. I have been reading this forum about problems with Amps particularly because I am interested in purchasing an I-Tech 8000. It seems there are problems and it is causing me some hesitation in possibly buying one! I am a mobile wedding DJ and I really want to beef up my low end. In fact, I just ordered (4) EAW subwoofers that can each handle 1400 watts RMS. Yes at the bigger weddings I will be setting up 2 cabinets on each side...so I think the 8000 is the only amp that can do the job if I only want to drive these with a single amp...which I definitely do. Keep in mind, as a wedding DJ most facilities are very limited on power and I usually can only plug into (2) 15amp circuits. So with the I-Tech technology-this amp has a relatively low-draw/high output ration which i am interested in but I dent want any major problems especially for the price of these suckers. I currently use QSC powerlight PLX2 amps and have never had any problems. Please advise me on your thoughts before I go and spend $7,000 on something that may give me problems. Thanks-Jeff