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  1. What Class is the XTi 4000?

    I just found the answer..AB + B........so now I have a question whats the + B? I know what AB is but I have never seen AB + B O and is Class AB+B better than class H
  2. Just want to know what class the XTi 4000 is? (H) (I) (AB) ?
  3. XTi 4000 as a bass power amp

    O I really need to know this because its not listed ( it matters to me) what class is the XTi 4000 I or H ? Or something else?
  4. XTi 4000 as a bass power amp

    Well hey thanks guys I really am glad I got some response... I found a dealer I can get one from for 899.99 so I am going to buy it this weekend...I am exited the most power I have had is 400 W
  5. XTi 4000 as a bass power amp

    One more quick question... is there a built in crossover for each channel.. cause I don't have a crossover in my preamp.. but I think I saw some other people talking about using it... can I use it so I can change just the EQ on my sub ?
  6. XTi 4000 as a bass power amp

    Hey thanks so far its good to see other bass players have done it. Hey so are Crown XTis made in the USA ? O and how loud is the fan ?
  7. XTi 4000 as a bass power amp

    Wow 2 of them... that must be loud
  8. I really need some help here I am really wanting just some input on how great these Xti 4000 really are, or how not great they are . I like the looks and specs of it but I was hoping I could get some input on just general sound and how loud they get ( the fan) is the construction solid, if you have one I would really appreciate some input as to weather this is the best thing for me. I am going to be running a SVT - PRO pre into it and bi- amp it , the top cab 700 W @ 4ohms and bottom 800 @ 8ohms(21' sub) Thank you for anything , I realize I am a little ignorant about this kind of thing so I apologize for that