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  1. XTI 4000 Questions

    Thanks David, I just PM'd you. Thanks Again, FLDave
  2. XTI 4000 Questions

    Thanks Rob and Dave...that's a little less stress in my life. I have only one more question, I recently moved out to the country where broadband internet is not available (at least not available to someone like me that isn't willing to fork out $300.00 satellite installation and $50.00 per month). There is no way my dial-up connection is going to be able to download the firmware. I already wasted a large portion of last night trying. Is there a way I can get the firmware on disc? If so, please tell me how.. Thanks, FLDave
  3. Hi all, I just bought an XTI 4000 today and have a couple of minor questions. I hooked it up to my mixer and speakers and turned it on with the volume knobs all the way down and heard a noticable "pop" from the speakers...nothing drastic, but a decent "pop" nonetheless. As the amp was powering up it made a click then 3 more quick clicks. I ran a CD player into the mixer and was checking out the sound levels of the speakers with the amp and I ran the system for about an hour or more in a 90+ degree garage (I'm in Florida). I never saw the cooling fan turn on at all...is this normal? I was running the amp down in the -20 range and wasn't going crazy but when all was over the unit felt decently warm. I just want to make sure my units running correctly. Is all this normal? Thanks in advance, FLDave