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  1. Mr Glass, Thank you for your time and valuable reply. I did review the neutrik guide by searching other topics in this forum and now understand what needs to be done. I am yet to explore the onboard dsp features of the XTi2000 and will be happy to use them, but I had a question since I am using an external x-over, which is actually a Behringer EX1200. I use the sub out which is mono to feed signal to a CE2000 previously and now I am going to be using 1 Xti2000 for each sub instead. For this is it still ok to use y xlr splitter to convert 1 mono in to two mono signals that I can feed in to the Xti2000. I will then link the signal out from 1 Xti2000 to the other. Is this correct way to do it ? I havent tried out the amps as yet but you can bet I am looking forward to it. I have just ordered my 4 pin speakon to be changed on the speaker cable only at the amp end of the wire.
  2. Hello! I am new to this site but not to crown products and I have just got 2 new XTI2000 amps and intend to use it to power a pair of Cerwin Vega EL36 subwoofers. I want to know if it is possible to use 1 amp for each sub in Bridged Mono Mode? If so, what do I need to do. I have previously used the subs in stereo mode with 1 CE2000. Do I need to change the pin settings to use the speakons while using them for the subs in Bridged mono mode ? Can any one suggest on how I can do that. Thanks, Vik