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  1. New Microphone Forums!

    Those two links in the last two posts go to the same place. They go to the mic Q&A. Is that what is intended?
  2. XLS version B or D or ... C ?

    Thank you DGlass, Now I know why Crown skipped the "C" designation. Also , thank you very much for the wattage specs "not published". As an aside - I am thoroughly aware of impedance considerations when operating in bridged mode. These are nice affordable amps. I plan on using the PV-1500 in stereo for 2 subs , and it's internal x-over going to the Crown XLS-402 (I shall now properly call it) "B" for the Mids & Highs. Now to the pdf info. I still can't find the pdf for my XLS - B . Of course it's not on the new model www-page - that is for "D". At the discontinued products -- amplifiers www-page , I see ... I will copy & paste : " Studio Reference Series Studio Reference Data Sheet Studio Reference Manual Studio Reference I A. & E. Specs Studio Reference II A. & E. Specs Studio Reference I AC Power & Thermal Sheet Studio Reference II AC Power & Thermal Sheet Studio Reference Service Manual 7MB Studio Reference Schematics 2.8MB XLS Series (3 rack space height) XLS-202 Data Sheet 326KB XLS-402 Data Sheet 348KB XLS-602 Data Sheet 352KB XLS-402TX Data Sheet 253KB XLS-602TX Data Sheet 254KB XLS Series Reference Manual 2350KB XLS 3U checkout XLS 3U main PWA schematic XLS 3U input PWA and output PWA schematics XLS Series (2 rack space height with one Speakon connector) XLS Series Data Sheet 319KB XLS Series Operation Manual 2.4 MB XLS-202 A&E Specs 37.8KB Amplifier Accessories: " Unless I am again mistaken - I do not see XLS 2U & 2 speakon listed. Lastly, I am making custom cables for my exact set-up : PV-1500 amp with a 3 - prong A/C , & Unbalanced signal (1/4 inch) internal x-over output to XLS-402 inputs (XLR s (L&R) , with a 3 - prong A/C). I am heeding your advice to use the "twin - lead" & shield cable : Belden 1800F w/ Nutrik XLR s My confusion as relates to Crown's Amplifier Application Guide {133472.pdf} has to do with the term "grounded source". I have read - up on Balanced versus Unbalanced. I think I got that. What does Crown mean in this pdf when it uses the two terms "Grounded" Source vs. "Ungrounded" Source. Thanks in advance -- as always --
  3. XLS version B or D or ... C ?

    Thanks for the input jonnybon, I have read over the differences between different versions described by the tech workers at Crown here at this BBS, and I went to Crown's various www sources for information. The discontinued amps www-page lists XLS 2U 1 speakon not 2 speakons. However, I could not find the 2U 2Speakon no-mono switch listed, but this is my amp. That's why I am posting this lengthy question. ?I would like to know the wattage spec for this amp. The XLS Version History page says : "XLS Series Version History As of 11/20/02, the XLS 2U (2 rack unit) Series replaced the XLS 3U (3 rack unit) Series. As of 3/25/04, the XLS Series with two Speakons replaced the XLS Series with one Speakon" So we call the first one (3U 0 speakons) ... "I" begin prod-date -to- 2002 the next one listed is ... (2U 1 speakon) .... "II" ............... 2002 -to- 2004 then ............................(2U 2 speakon) .... "III" .............. 2004 -to- now? I am confused because I thought that the "D" just was just now released for sale (circa June 2006). So it seems that the XLS version page does not reflect the new release "IV" or "D". So, it seems that the version history shows that this amp is the one produced 2004 until this year (III) or "C". On Crown's discontinued support page "XLS Series (3 rack space height)" This is a no-brainer, I have 2U -- not this amp then : "XLS Series (2 rack space height with one Speakon connector)" I have 2 U 2 speakons -- again not this amp Crown's press release page says that Crown just relased a new version "D" in Jan 2006. Finally, on the current XLS series page : 2U 2 speakon & mono switch I have no mono switch -- again not this amp To recap: Version ... Rack spaces ... Speakons .... Mono Switch ... Production Dates ... XLS-402 Watts rms ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @ 8 Ohm x 2 I .............. 3U *+^ .............. none +^ .......... none ^ ........ until* ... 2002* ........... 260 Watts ^ II ............. 2U*+^ ................. 1+^ ............... none ^ ....... 2002* > 2004* ............ 260 Watts ^ III ............ 2U @ ................... 2 @ ................ none @ ...... 2004* ________ ................... ? IV ............ 2U = ................... 2 = .................. 1 = ........... 2006 > ........................ 300 Watts >^= Infomation Sources at Crown's www-site : * Version History www-page + Discontinued Amp www-page ^ Owner's Manual pdf s ? I could not find an owner's manual pdf for this amp. @ This amp's rear panel (I wish I could post a picture) > Press Release # 126 (Jan. 2006) = XLS series current www-page ?This amp is version III or "C" if you will. ?I am asking Crown to verify this (dB). ?If so, then what are the wattage specs for the III or "C"? Thank you very much for your time. .
  4. Unless I am mistaken. I have a tweener XLS-402. This one has 2 speakons --- like the D. But does not have the mono switch -- like the B. 1. Is this a "C" model? 2. What is the wattage spec for this tweener? More importantly: I have read the Crown Amplifier Applicaton Guide pdf : I have also read Rane note #151 & #110, and info from whirlwind, and yourkville. And, it seems some of the diagrams from Crown Amp App Guide pdf show pin assignments that are not standard. Specifically, for the class: "Unbalanced, Grounded Source, Twin-Lead Shielded Cable For use with components equipped with three-wire grounded AC line cord or other ground connection. " the first two schematics show pin 1 = sleeve pin 2 = tip pin 3 = shield I am still VERY new to pro audio, and desire to have the best sounding system that I can afford. So that these issues of ground loop etc concern me. Unless I'm mistaken pin 1 = shield (gnd) pin 2 = tip (+) pin 3 = ring (-) Please help me out; is the info I got elsewhere wrong, or is this pdf wrong, or am I wrong --- then what are the input pins on an XLS amp. Thank you very much -- quite in advance for your time. Regards.
  5. Input to XLS-402

    I am a newbe DJ. I am still putting the system together. I will use a Peavey PV-1500 with the crossover engaged to power a couple of 4 Ohm (nominal) subs. One for each channel. Then, patch out to a Crown XLS-402 for the Mids & Highs 8 Ohms / cabinet (nominal). Again,one for each channel. The PV has 1/4" (Tip Sleeve) unbalanced outputs; per page 15 of the pvamps_2004 pdf file. I could not find the output impedance spec for this amp's internal crossover. The Crown has XLR (pins:1 gnd, 2+, 3-) balanced inputs; with 10 kOhm / leg input impedance. The Crown manual #13941.pdf page 9 fig. 2.4 shows how to solder an XLR for an unbalanced input. Question1: What type cable is best to patch between them? Question2: Will this work to link them up? Question3: Is an impedance transformer/adaptor needed? Thanks in advance. Bill DJ Rock-a-Billy