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  1. Hi Guys, I've only used SA a short while, first with XTi and now with I-Tech's. Having a problem taking one preset setting from each amp and putting them onto the others so that all amps have the same selection of presets. For example- I want preset 1 from 4k on 6k and 8k. preset 2 from 6k onto 4k and 8k, and preset 3 from 8k onto 4k and 6k. Whenever I try to copy over the device file for the one amp, the "synchronize" window pops up, I select "yes" then it proceeds to copy over the settings that were already in the amp. If I say no it disconnects the network. The help section is a little vague on this. Can't this be more like IQ, and just select which preset and amp you are storing too? Appreciate any help. BTW, found this to be easier with the XTi's. Don
  2. Amps smell like dope?

    Ben, I have noticed the smell also, but ours don't smell like dope, they smell like skunk! Always worst after having been on a while. Don