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  1. Itech Problem

    That did it....thanks very much.
  2. Itech Problem

    Wondering if this has happened to anyone else: I just began updating my ITech racks to version 2.05.10 using System Architect 1.20. I have three IT 6000's and one IT 8000 per rack. When I hit 'begin update' in SA, all went as it usually does: amps got updated and rebooted. However, CH 1 on ALL 4 of the amplifiers that got updated no longer displays the green 'ready' light or passes audio. CH 2 is fine. I thought that mabye the amps had defaulted to Input Y or Bridge mode or some odd solution like that since the Presets get erased during the update, but that dosen't seem to be the case or make any sense since you need CH 1 in both of those scenarios. The amps and SA are fully functional besides no output/light on CH 1. The only thing that was changed was the firmware....nothing is different in the rack setup or operation. Needless to say I'm a bit hesitant to update the other racks. Any takers?