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  1. CE 2000

    THanks for you input . I took the time to do my some home work last night and found out what my prob was,one of my eqs has a problem with one of the gain stage attenuators. Ill continue to use 1.4v setting,just gotta remember to not crank the input atten all the way up (My Bad) I have an older Mackie VLZ 1604,I comletey understand the LED meters functionality (but thanks for the refresher course anyway). O on this board is just that "0",its not +4dbu. Thanks for the help guys-----------------------you rock!!!!!!
  2. CE 2000

    Ive done some homework and have finally found out that I infact have been pushing the input to hard. My bad----I had eqs set wrong! THanks for the help DGLASS
  3. CE 2000

    THe mixer is a Mackie VLZ 1604,which,does have 1/4 balanced outputs,but Im using unbalanced 1/4 cables. So the attenuators at the frt of the amp are used to control the amount of input? Do the red indicator lights come on when Im over driving the input of the amp or the amp is reaching max output? Let me tell you my situation DGLASS I use 2 CE2000 amps,there set in bridge postition,each one is seeing an 8ohm load,each one is driving a speaker cabinet with 2-15" speakers with 1 horn,the cab can handle 800w-max. . THe amps are being used for band use as opposed to a dj. While performing,I glance over at the amps and ocassionalyy see the red lights on the 2000 amps flicker,they dont stay on,they flicker depending on how much input there seeing-------Am I reaching max output when the red lights flicker,or am I running too hot of an input signal?
  4. CE 2000

    So,if I have the CE2000 set at 26db,and Im pushing the board at 8db (1.9V),am I not getting full output from the CE2000? with the attenuators turned all the way up. Would it be best to use a volt meter,and see what the actual voltage is at the end of the signal chain before the amp? If Im not seeing at least 2.5V at the end of the signal chain with all my levels set where I want,is it better to have the amp set at 1.4V?
  5. CE 2000

    I usually run my mixing board greater than +4bdu, is it best to set the input sensitivity at 26db as opposed to 1.4 volts. Will I get distortion from the amp if I dont set the input switch correctly. Am I over working the amp if I have the input sensitivity set at 1.4V when I know Im using more than +4db. I guess what Im asking is,is it better if I set the amp at 26db due to the fact that I run the mixer pretty hot.
  6. CE 1000/2000

    Ive taken note,that when I change the sensitivity switch,the tone seems to be a tad on the bright side. How does this switch work? I believe its in the input stage? When should I use it?
  7. ce 2000 faults

    I had a similar problem with my 2000,after inspection of my cables,I found a short to ground at one of the ends.
  8. Power surge

    Has any one expierenced problems with a CE1000 after power surges due to an electrical storm?
  9. CE 1000

    I recently played a gig (indoors) with a terrible lightening storm churning up the skys. THe CE 1000 is used for stage monitors only,4 monitors total,2 per side,all rated at 8 ohms. As I was sound cking,a couple of lightening strikes hit some where close enough,,, to power the pa system on and off at a real fast rate. The system never shut down. Upon further sound cking,I noticed that the mains(ce2000) sounded great,but my monitors (ce1000) sounded like all the mids and highs were turned up at the monitor eq. I had to cut the highs and mids to extreme lower levels to get a full sound on stage,we played the gig that way,with no problems. When I brought the system home the next day,I started cken to see what the problems was,and I found out that if I turn the gain down on my monitor eq, I gained some of the fullness out of the monitors and was able to use the eq correctly again,without cutting the highs and mids. Here,s my question: Is it possible that the power surge form the lighting striked damaged my ce1000 in some way?,or could it be the eq it damaged? Does the CE1000 have any protection from power spikes? There are no fault lights on after the amp is powered up.