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  1. Hi friends, I´m currently evaluating a Macro-tech 3600 that has the next "problem", lets take the channel 1 as example, (but the problem is in channel 2 too), when the amp has a charge resistor connected, and in presence of signal, when turn up the volume, the green led of the channel 1 ligths (is normal obviously), but when the volume control is up the 60% the led of the channel two is lights too and in the output of the channel 2 there is no signal... Its only occur with the resistor connected at the output of the channels, but without the charge resistor there is no problem. It look like a kind of "crosstalk"... Some suggestion from someone, please... Thank you & best regards Gustavo Contreras
  2. Problem with Macrotech 3600 VZ

    Danny my friend thank you for your answer, I will check. Thank you again and best regards.
  3. Dear friends I´m repairing a Macrotech 3600 VZ, the channel 2 have a distorsión. When I turn up the volume at the medium level (aprox), teh output wave form is ok, but when turn it up a little more, the negative portion of the sine wave desapear. I check the output transistors, they are ok, check the power supply voltage they look like teh other channel (the good one), I interchange teh PCB´s that have the 6900 uF capacitors...nothing happened, the problem still in channel 2, I think that the problem is in the switching area of the amplifier, but I need some sugestions, Please any body... Thank you and best regards. Gustavo Contreras