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  1. Grossly under-specced for a rock band for outdoor use. If you were using the rig indoors and not putting bass or drums through it, you may just get away with it in a small venue for 300ish pax Those subs are only 121dB and mid/highs 122dB Putting into perspective and sticking with JBL boxes with which I guess you're familiar, if I were to mix a rock act for 500pax outdoors, I'd use min 2 (pref.3) SRX728s cabs on LF and 2 No. SRX722s on MHF.... per side. HTH Tony
  2. We have two VZ5000s, one has a 6 digit serial number,prefixed with an "A", the other with a "B" There is also a four digit code displayed Does anyone know if the four digit code is a date code (year code), and/or can one deduce the year of manufacture from the serial number? Any help appreciated. cheers Tony
  3. We have a Macrotech MA602 (acquired second hand with other Macrotechs) and the ENABLE and SIGNAL/IOC indicators do not illuminate at all The ODEP indicators DO illuminate as they should Any ideas, guys? Tony