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  1. Thanks. They are 10+ years old. I am sure out of warranty, but I will send them in for repair. Thanks, again, Pete
  2. I'm away from the property where these are installed. I do have several comtech amps and pip modules that I would like to have repaired and serviced. What is the method for doing this? Thanks, Pete
  3. I have a 10+ yo system of macrotech and comtech. It has worked very well and reliably for most of it's life. Recently, I am starting to have some problems. I have a Comtech 400 amp with a PIP-DSP (pip2, IQ2) input card. When this amp is on, there is static or popping that comes out of the speakers. This is true when the input is muted and even when the input connectors are disconnected. Does anyone know what this could be? Is it a failing component? Could it be a dirty card connector, maybe between the pip module and the amp? I have not tried a different pip module. Thanks, Pete
  4. Think I found it, IQ for Windows. Thanks, Pete
  5. It's not clear which software I need for programming my IQ II system. Is it IQWic? Thanks, Pete