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  1. suggestion - would be nice to have pip card with AES in and out, RJ 45 for control only and analog input verson of the USP card. With digial cinema would be nice to connect server to the amp no worries of network crashing or packet issues with cobranet or center point of failure
  2. 16KHz noise

    I am troubleshooting 8 CT 2000, and one CT 3000. All with USp3?CN. some amps are running, low, and subs, and some mid/highs. I can hear a 16KHz or in that area sine wave sounding (constant ringing) I have tried turning off all the lighting equipment in that area think fixture going bad. I have unpluged the network switches and analog input so only thing attached is the speaker outputs. It does go way after 10 or 15 minutes of quit noise. So the IQ must be turning on mutes or power off amp section. It does take med level of audio to get the 16K back. I am guessing the threshold is set high. I do not have password to IQ and was at night so could not get it either. Also 3 of the amp are in different room and they are power full range, but I do not hear the sound off of them. Both amp racks have power seq and one with noise amp has conditioner too. not sure if rack with 3 has seq/conditioner or just seq any thoughts? has any one else heard this
  3. Hi Que labels in DP

    It did help with the Low, Mid and High names. I find this only to happen on the CN units. Also I opened the control panel for the 4882 it said it was a 4882 but had Low, Mid and High controls. Again this only on the CN models. Also the labels "vt4888- offline" does not use even after the defualt settings reset. And again this in only the CN models. I have suggestion too for Hi que designers. it would be nice to upgrade firmware with out connecting to the unit or deleting and adding new unit. Like you have to with IQ wic. I know that you would have to upgrade the firmware to the unit for programming setting up would be nice to right click on unit and tell it that is is different firmware
  4. hello sorry for posting in the IQwic section but could not post in the HI que. I just downloaded ver 1.08 and the output labels for Vertec DP units do not show Low, Mid, and high is messed up with other stuff. Just wanted to point out and ask if I am doing something wrong?
  5. User Labels-IQwic

    You can cast my vote for update that would allow labels to stay with channel, offline. It would be nice if a portable rack is one day used at FOH rack then next for monitors. Also I would really like to be able to update version of PIP card in software offline as if I am programming system and new updates are out with more new features I could make program with them while waiting for install to be ready. 3RD request be able to have amp's control screen up instead of having to press the +/- every time. Just my suggestions
  6. Changing firmware on IQwic

    This does bring up suggestion. It would be nice to change a pre programmed system to allow the new features of newer software while still in the design stage. maybe idea for HiQnet, which I look forward to seeing
  7. Changing firmware on IQwic

    ok I think I got it. This is at design level now no equipment yet. So once firmware is upgraded and follow your steps any features like the 20 presets vs 10 presets will change along with the firm ware number. That is assuming I bring the future amps up to the firmware I want if they are not there from factory Thanks
  8. When upgrading to 7.2 is there easy way to change the AMP's profile to tell it is now v1.3 instead of v1.1 I know I could add AMP then copy and then readdress but is there easier way. If I have lots of control page with points mapped to controls on those pages but want to upgrade.
  9. I am reading about this new software between Harman companies and wonder where to stay up to date with release and info
  10. IQ bus GPI

    thanks. Now is there any way for that to control other amps with only using the Aux of one amp or do I have to wire every amp I need?
  11. On the IQ bus systems before IQwic. Is there way to get a dry contact input to bring amps' channels power from off to on? using the pip 2 usp 2 cards
  12. 70v load monitoring

    can you use the fire alarms audio? not sure what you are doing with system. If you want you could run speakers at 25V with the alarms amps which is supervied. these amps would not be as good as the Crowns. what about end of line resistor? to help keep it line not sure how that math would work. Or if you like me want to keep Crown stuff use relays to switch feed to and from Crown's amps so when not in use is connected to fire alarm with 10K resistor on it then when in alarm feed switches to crown outputs to drive speaker or you can switch relays to play music
  13. Pocket IQ PDA

    you can get pocket on IQ software it is 7.0 you can create control pages for PC or pocket.
  14. I Tech /IQ

    Thank your for response. On item 2 Crossover what about having set filter so no stacking or using two for crossover and so on. Make it easiler. Plus for locking parameters togther "less is more" Another ? - I see CobraNet can now do 96KHz@24bit any plans on that? I know that is out there as most live sound gear tops out at 48 Another suggestion- when openning an amp have the option to open full so you do not need to click on the +/- button.
  15. Wish list 1. IS there planns for the I Tech CN version have the DSP like the non cobranet and USP/CN3 PIP cards allowing filters, 2. Crossovers- I know you can use HPF and LPF to make a crossover network. But what about adding true crossover points. Also what about slopes like the Lake Contour's brick wall crossover of 180dB/Oct? 3. Brick wall limiters like in the Ampex Dom II. 4. Freq dependent compression/limiting like in the BSS 901 II I really like IQ and would be even better if had some of the old faithfuls.