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  1. Yep. And that's the point. "Nothing" below 100Hz to the 12" satellites. The active sub has a selfcontained filter that sends only below 100Hz to its amp/speaker.
  2. Thanks I did set it up as you suggest. I just wondered if filters starting at the same freq would result in +xdB around that freq. But you say they don't. (as I read it) Best regards Kim
  3. Hi! I use my XTi-1000 for 2 satellites. (Tannoy 12") I have a Dynacord 18" active sub. Mixer out to Xti. X-over set up as "hipass". Xti lineout to feed the sub. The Dynacord sub specs says it has a lopass filter at 100Hz, 140Hz or 200Hz. With a 12dB/octave slope. I use the 100Hz setting. When setting up the crossover in the XTi, should I select the frequency to 100Hz as well, or must it be set higher to result in a correct resulting freq-curve? (Sorry for my english here) I asume I must choose a 12db/octave filtertype. Best regards Kim DK
  4. Bud says it!!!! I can tell you, that it seems to me that I can play louder with my XTi 1000 than I could with my Macrotech 1200, before my audience reacts "negatively". (I play keys/vox in smaller rooms for typically 30-100 guests. I use the XTi for two Tannoy 12" and have an active Dynacord 18" sub) I don't of course hear my own PA when I play, but when I set it up and check the sound, it sounds very warm and full to my ears. The audience-reaction seems to confirm that. I have wondered if maybe there is a difference between designing a highpower workhorse like the Macrotech and a smaller amp like the XTi 1000. Maybe the XTi is softer/warmer since it probably doesn't have to reach as far. My bottomline will be that the XTi is CERTAINLY NOT harsh. It may be too soft for stadiumconcerts,- I don't know. Best regards Kim DK
  5. crown xti

    I have replaced my Macrotech with an XTi 1000. I'm very happy with the sound, the DSP facilities and the lesser weight. Don't hesitate Kim DK
  6. Xti -- and another thing

    You can justremove the plastic-things that are put in the holes. Take a little knife or something and take them out. Best regards Kim Europe
  7. XTI 1000

    Not exactly replying to what you answered, but still: I tried out my XTi-1000 as monitoramp in our studio. I find that it sounds great with hifi-material. Very clear and powerful.
  8. XTi in 19" rack

  9. Hi! I have replaced my MacroTech 1200 with a XTi 1000. Questions about rackmounting: The MacroTech could not be mounted directly next to some of my other rackgear. A noise/hum would come up. Can the XTi be mounted next to any device without noise/hum appearing? Can the XTi be mounted vertically and still get the cooling it needs? Best regards Kim Holst DK
  10. XTI Subharmonic Synthesizer?

    There is a slider to control the amount of subsynth. You should download/install the System Architect software and see for yourself how capable it is. That will of course not give you the sound of the amp, but still be a hint as to what you can do with the DSP section. I didn't hear the subsynth as a kind of eq even at slider=0. It creates tonal elements. I suspect it to be more relevant in musical styles with VERY deep bass. With my "normal" 5-string bass it sounded to special to be on all the time in every style.
  11. XTI Subharmonic Synthesizer?

    I tried the subsynth as I set up my new XTi 1000 last week. I didn't go deep, but it sounded to me like the bass was doubled one octave below. Like if the bassplayer used an octave pedal or if I doubled a midibass-track one octave below at reduced volume. I have no idea as to how other similar evices function,- sorry Best regards Kim Holst DK
  12. On the screen (1 Crown XTi) where you have the "knobs" with eq, x-over, delay etc. doubleclick the ch-1 eq-button. Set ch-1 as desired. Go back to the (1 Crown XTi) screen. (close the detail screen) Press ch-1 eq-button once. (it now has a square/line around it) Press ctrl-c (copy). Press ch-2 eq-button once. (it now has a square/line around it) Press ctrl-v (paste). There it is!! The same copy/paste goes for the other DSP's. (You can also do it from the "edit" pulldown menu) // Be shure to select "independent" in x-over. Then you can set each channel to be as you like. For instance if you use the amp to drive two top-speakers or two subwoofers. In "crossover" you split the amp into a lo and a hi section internally. This is for biamping a 2-way speaker. Best regards Kim
  13. XTi 1000 and System Architect

    Cool - thanks If you press "Conversion table Q to N and N to Q for parametric filters" you get a pdf with a conversiontable. Thanks a lot Kim
  14. Hi! So I have my new XTi 1000. I'm using it to drive a set of Tannoy T-12's. I have the SystemControl settings from Tannoy (for their TDX-1). They have eq-settings containing freq, gain and bandwidth(BW). They define BW in octaves. As far as I can see the Crown System Architect doesn't refer BW to octaves. How do I translate System Architect BW to octaves? Thanks in advance Kim Holst DK