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  1. xti4000 cutting out

    Thanks for the reply. I'll take a look. If that doesn't work I suppose I'll box it up and send it on in. I'll post back with the ribbon cable results.
  2. xti4000 cutting out

    I've had the xti4000 four about 6 months or so. For the last couple of months I'll be listening to program material (using it as the sub amb for my home entertainment/theater). The sub output will cut out entirely, although the lights on the panel show that it's still receiving input signal. I have to crank up the receiver to almost full volume and the amp will abruptly cut back in. It would almost seem that it's a bad soilder joint somewhere that "arcs" back together when the output level is high enough. Since the input signal lights still indicate there is signal, wouldn't this signify a problem on the output side? This happened once in a while a couple months ago.. it's happening a few times a day now. I'm running a non balanced input from my dennon amp. The xti is running in y mode. I configured it using the hi-q net and usb port. Any things I can pop it open and look for? I'm guessing it's still under warranty, but if I wouldn't void the warranty and could be pointed to something specific, I'd rather fix it at home. Thanks!