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  1. I just bought a new Dell XPS 15 laptop and installed Audio Architect on it to use with my I-tech and DCi amps but am having problems with the display. Some of the windows in Architect are extremely small and hard to read, while some don't even display the information. Upon opening Architect, I get this message on my computer about display problem, but I can't fully read the message because it is also cut off. I attached an image of the message I am getting. Is there a way to fix this and if so, how?
  2. JBL MRX518 sub's with XTi 4000

    ok awsome. Thanks for your response Jon P. I've been waiting for a response like this, i really appreciate it.
  3. Hey. I know I did the post not too long ago about matching the Xti4000 with the MRX518s subs. Now I'm also wondering if I can match another Xti 4000 with the MRX515 main speakers which are rated at 400 continuous 800 program into 8 ohms. The Xti 4000 gives out 650 into 8 ohms which is more than the continuous rating but not quite double. Will I be underpowering these speakers? Is the 150 watts difference between 650 and the full 800 even audible? Thnx
  4. Macro-Tech I series

    I keep checking online at,, etc and still don't see these amps there. Are they even out for sale yet? I want to look at pricing and everything.
  5. JBL MRX518 sub's with XTi 4000

    I have obtained a better copy of the spec sheets and the 100 db sensitivity for the MRX518s is from the half space calculation. The 101 db (1w/1m) rating of the MP418s is also from the half space calculation. With this info the two boxes are only 1db apart in sensitivity. Also the Max SPL for the MP418s is based on the Peak Power making it a Peak SPL reading. Now that we can compare apples to apples the "133 db Max SPL Peak" of the MRX518 and the 135 db Max SPL "Peak" of the MP418s are only 2db apart in SPL output. This would mean the two cabinets would be pretty much the same output. The exception would be the MRX518s would handle more power. Amazing how having all the proper data can change things. Thats awsome. Thanks for everything DGlass. You helped me a great deal. Now just gotta audition them and give them the "ear" test lol.
  6. JBL MRX518 sub's with XTi 4000

    I sent them an e-mail. Now just gotta wait and see if I get a response lol. As for the sensitivity on the MRX518s they said 94; 100 db efficiency. Don't understand which one it is. Here's what it said... Sensitivity 94 dB SPL; 100 dB SPL Nominal Impedance 4 ohms Power Capacity (Continuous / Program / Peak) 500 W / 1000 W / 2000 W 400 W / 800 W / 1600 W Rated Maximum SPL 127 dB SPL (133 dB SPL)*
  7. JBL MRX518 sub's with XTi 4000

    really? That absolutely sucks. I hate how they discontinued those sub's. Can't find anything else like 'em out there. I thought the max spl of the MRX518s was 133?
  8. JBL MRX518 sub's with XTi 4000

    nobody has or used the MRX speakers from JBL?
  9. I own an XTi 4000 and want to get a pair of the single 18 inch JBL MRX subs for it (MRX518). This doesn't really fit the catagory of amp discussion since it's more about the sub's but JBL doesn't have a forum. I am looking for all opinions I can get on the JBL MRX518's. Anybody have them and use them? How do they sound? Loud? Deep? Tight? How do they compare to the MP418s subs they discontinued? Again, sorry becasue this topic doesn't really fit. feel free to private message me if you don't wanna post here.
  10. I'd say get 8 Xti 1000's and put two speakers per side on each channel on each amp. Each amp powering 4 speakers total 2 speakers per channel.
  11. Coming March 12...

    Crown I love you! These sexy amps better make their way into my rack!
  12. Coming March 12...

    I hope they are amps that are a more powerful than the Xti's, simple clean power(no dsp) high damping, reliable and an amp that doesn't use so much electricity that you blow circuits at some venue's. lol.
  13. are the XTi Amps class I ?

    I thought they were class D amps?
  14. Amp For JBL MPRO's And SRxxxxX's

    Just to list a few matches i think would work well, one Xti 4000 for the 2 MP412's should work nicely. One on each side. Also one MP418 on each side of another Xti 4000. Each 4 ohm sub would get 1200 watts which is perfect for those subs. As for the Sr4735X, id say one Xti 2000 bridged for each SR4735X and the same for the SR4719X assuming its around 1200 to 1600 watts program power.
  15. The MRX speakers are wonderful. I'm extremely jealous. My dad would never buy me speakers especially at that price. God Im jealous. You'll love them. There great speakers.