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  1. Please Help / Amp Newbie Kinda :)

    My amp doesn't have XLR connectors either. Only speaker type terminals for the inputs and the outputs. I think I can snip off the one end of the RCA cable and i think the outside ring is positive and the tip is negative and wire it that way. What do you think?
  2. I have just acquired a Crown Com-Tech 200 power amp from a friend and it does work, it was in a church installation and they no longer need it. I am a private party DJ and I would love to use this as a booth monitor amp or main power amp for a small system. The problem is the standard P.I.P. module in it doesn't have RCA inputs. My mixer has RCA outputs. Is there ANY way possible that I can cut the ends of one of my RCA cables and just wire them in that way so i can make sure of this amp? I am feeling like there HAS to be some way of doing this, i don't really wanna spend the money for the RCA P.I.P. since i got the amp for free and all i need it to do is work with my DJ setup. Please help, i am able to fully understand technical descriptions so no problems there I just don't want to mess anything up. Please please help. Need help quickly, the party is soon.