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  1. bridged mono mode

    Well alright.I'm really glad I stumbled across this thread.I bought my XTI1000 three weeks ago and I'm using mine as a bass amp as well.As great as the amp sounds,I wanted a little more "umph" out of it.I'm using an Alembic SF-2 for a pre amp and it can run in stereo.Now I can't wait to get another cable for ch.2. This is gonna be fun. By the way,I have been using my banana plug the same way.I may just leave it that way too.It seems less likely for an accident to happen.
  2. Hmmmmmmm.....My 20db light on ch.2 doesn't light at all.Looks like something for quality control to look into.I thought it didn't light because I'm running in bridge mode and it was a quick reference to confirm that fact. By reading the above thread,I discovered the how the signal led's work. By the way,this amp really is great and I'm truly glad I went this route for my setup.I totally went with Crown's fine reputation when making a decision for an amplifier and I regret it not one bit.Everybody liked my sound before but now they REALLY like it.
  3. Fist off,I am very satisfied with my Crown XTI 1000 purchase as I am using it as a bass amp and so far it sounds great.I have never used a pre-amp/amp setup having used bass heads for years.I am running my bass through an Alembic SF-2 Superfilter for the pre-amp,into the XTI and bridged to an 8ohm Eden 4x10 cab.I would like some advice from those of you in the know as to what the optimum settings should be for the XTI.For me,the internal programming of the amp is a little daunting and I'm just looking to wring out the best performance that the amp is capable of. Thanks for checking my post out and thanks for any advice in advance.