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  1. Xti Trouble With Channel 2

    Get the Dealer to give you something of equivalent Power until you'rs is fixed. It amazes me that other dealers don't do this kind of thing for their customers. I'm also waiting for an XTi 2000. Backordered Also I believe. Crown Realy can't do much, as You would have to send the Amp in for work. The Dealer can't do anything because he can't get a Replacement. (Although he realy should offer you a replacement Demo unit until you'res is fixed) Good luck Man. 4105[/snapback]
  2. Xti Trouble With Channel 2

    I got the same response when I called in about the same trouble that I am having with channel 2. I've contacted the dealer that I purchased my units but the are quick on the draw of "they are on back order" I can't get any support or assistance from anyone. I purchased mine on July 12th spoke to crown on July 17 after testing them on July 14 and notified the store and crown of the problem. To date no response from crown or the store! I'm really upset because I have to rent equipment and pay $250 everytime I rent for a gig. I'm beyond frustrated now. CAN SOMEONE HELP?!