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  1. K-Series Vs. Macro-Tech

    Thanks for your Reply. The speakers I was considering was the EAW Avalon DC3, DC-4 and DCS2 subwoofers. Does this change your recommendation. Ventilation is always a issue, These amplifiers most likely will be installed in air controlled rack.
  2. Budget is always a issue. I am currently compiling a list of items for a venue and wanted to know will a smaller venue (less than 1200sq) benefit from having macro-tech amplifiers over the k-series or even the discontinued but still available ce-series. The amp configurations are, (2) MA-3600VZ (2 in 4-ohm stereo) (4) MA-2402 (2 in 4-ohm stereo, 2 in ohm mono) or (2) K-2 (2 at 8-ohm stereo) (6) K-1 (6 at 4-ohm mono) or (2) Ce-4000 (2 at 4-ohm stereo) (2) Ce-2000 (2 at 4-ohm mono) (2) Ce-1000 (2 at 4-ohm stereo) Most of these amps will be doubling the power rating of the recommended wattage for the speakers being used. If someone could tell me generally why I should use one series over the other. The speaker manufacturer said that any amplifier as long at it delivers the right amount of power is sufficient. Hmmm....